Would you change your spouse s diaper

(Ladies) Would you diaper your boyfriend?

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This is a poll for women only (please, no guys living out fantasies), to get reactions to a guy you are dating wanting to be diapered for non-medical reasons. Would you do it?

Are you a male or female? Please do not respond if a male, this is a specific quiz.

10% (10)Male
89% (86)Female

96 voters have answered this question.

How old are you?

64% (62)18-25
16% (16)25-30
11% (11)31-40
7% (7)40+

96 voters have answered this question.

If you were dating someone that you cared for, and this guy confessed to have a desire to be diapered (but not use them or act like a baby), how would you react?

7% (7)Not a chance - I would break up on the spot and move on.
3% (3)It would probably change the way I view him and cause the relationship to begin to end slowly.
13% (13)I would consider it, but can't say what I would do.
29% (29)It seems harmless it it's just diapering him, sure I would do it.
57% (56)I would not only do it, but love the idea of both controlling and diapering him.

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If you would diaper him, or at least consider it, would the type of diaper matter?

15% (14)Yes, I would prefer putting him in cloth diapers.
18% (16)I wouldn't care.
65% (58)I would prefer taping him in disposable diapers.

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Would this be something you would want to do on a stand alone basis, or add punishment to it?

23% (20)No, just the diapering would be all I could handle.
41% (36)If I am going to dominate him, I might as well spank him as well!
34% (30)I would spank him and put multiple diapers on for emphasis.

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What would your reaction be if your boyfriend or husband said that he had a diaper fetish and wanted to be occasionally diapered at bedtime by you? How would you react?

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98 voters have answered this question.

Have you ever dated a guy that asked you to dominate him?

24% (21)Yes, but it was more leather, whips, and chains and me as a dominatrix.
36% (31)No, never.
43% (37)Yes, I have had a man I dated ask me to diaper him.

86 voters have answered this question.

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