Will my Facebook messenger message

Most people on Facebook have being like “Why aren’t my Facebook Messenger messages not delivered?” Sometimes one ponders whether he/she has been blocked or marked as spam. It is indeed frustrating if you have been on that same shoe.

In this post, we have gathered helpful reasons why your Facebook messages are not delivered. Sometimes they are marked as “Sent” even when the person to receive the chat is found active.

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From the above options, we have found two issues. Facebook messages not delivered and messages not read when currently online.

You are not blocked on Facebook and also not on Messenger even when your messages are yet to be delivered. Try your best to be confident about this inconveniences.

Why Your Facebook Message Sent not delivered or read


One of these options below must relate to your current message delivery status.

  • Your message was ignored
  • They quickly deleted your message without reading it. They might have read it through the status bar
  • They quickly marked your message as Spam
  • They are not currently logged into Messenger app but currently using Facebook
  • Your message is currently in the Connection Requests or Message Request list. It is not yet approved
  • The receiver is only logged in to Facebook.

Most times, message sent not delivered and message delivered not seen are always confused with one another.

From our own experience, when a Messenger chat is marked as sent even when the recipient is marked as Active, it is likely that he/she has ignored you on Messenger.

This means that you have been registered to ignored list or what is called Message Request. It could also mean that he/she using Facebook lite at the moment.

Messenger also allows chats to be pending in Connection Requests/Message requests. Message Requests adds an incoming message that is not in someone’s Friend lists. They are kept there until the recipient either approves or rejects the chat.

When a chat is approved, you should see “xxxxxxx accepted your request“. Your message should then be marked delivered when necessary. This option is related to people that are not in one’s Facebook friend list. If rejected or deleted, it remains as sent.

Also when a message shows as sent even when they are online, it could also be that they are not logged into messenger or Messenger app is not installed on their device.

They will be unable to receive messages unless they log into or install Messenger. As soon as they log into Messenger, the message will be delivered.


This only happens when they are on a mobile phone and have logged out. As soon as they log into Messenger, the message will be delivered then considered to be read by them.

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When your message has been received but yet to be read, it could be it was ignored, marked unread, deleted or marked as spam by your recipient.

If one is convinced that the receiver is currently active when the chat was delivered but not read, then the fastest way to force someone to open your chat is through either Messenger voice call or video call.

With voice or video call, they are forced to open the chat or terminate the call.

Facebook Messenger stuck on sending could be a server problem 

Most times messages are delayed before they are sent. Sometimes you see “Chat is currently unavailable or Message stuck on sending without ticking either sent, deliver or even read.”.

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If this shows up, it could be that Messenger server is down at the moment. The best thing to do is to leave Messenger on its own for about 1 hour until it comes down to normal.

If you cannot be patient enough for 1 hour, then you may try logging to Facebook with PC or Web browser.

The receiver is only logged in to Facebook

In this case, Facebook has a feature called Active Status. It shows when one is active on Facebook even when they are not available on Messenger.

But since Messenger uses Facebook profile, it will use the same data on Facebook that you are active.

The best thing to do is to turn it off. This can be turned off from Facebook app. Go to Menu -> Settings -> Active Status. Then toggle it off.

When your friend’s active status is turned off, he/she will be seen active on both Facebook and Messenger even when they are offline on Messenger.

Note: If this issue persists, be rest assured that most times, the Facebook server breaks down. It can takes minutes, hours to get back to normal. You only need patience.

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