Why should children be born into wedlock

I wanted to clarify something I thought would be inferred which is that the child conceived out of wedlock is not in a state of sin… ( though for more wonderful debating and added confusion technically we are all born into sin, yet also forgiven of original sin, and thusly forgiven again , protected, and indoctrinated into the church via baptism { for another thread } )

Though I noticed some words being used which is fornication and adultery, is what is being suggested and perhaps the lack of vocabulary to which I did not know to apply the referencing a child out of wedlock to be is this… ?

If conceiving a child out of wedlock is either fornication and or adultery how ever the church defines that, yet the child is not deemed to carry that sin ( which is a good thing ) then technically the saying " two wrongs don’t make a right " is actually wrong.

Or perhaps the very simple answer as runningdude has stated is that having a child out of wedlock is not sinful, and thus ends everything on this matter. which in turn answers my question…

and in turn no need for me to keep asking questions after this point…

what is confusing me then are things that I can not define properly… for instance, from what I understand ( so I apologize in advance if this is not correct ) a man or woman can not be an extraordinary Eucharistic Minister if he or she is living in a mortal state of sin…

so excluding the child the un wed parents are now falling into a category of mortal sin are they not ? and on top of that either of these parents are in theory not supposed to receive communion…

at which point this problem is between the parents and Christ to solve via a priest.

So if any of that is true in any form, I find to be convoluted. Creating a child thusly is of course a blessing and rightly so but the unwed act is either frowned upon or is a sin in the eyes of the church.

If any of that is wrong then my questions again are answered and I was just mistaken.

But what I would like to find more opinions on is how to breach the subject to unwed parents, or if it is even warranted ? again if any of this is right, then how much is it upon those in the faith who are aware to try and lead a couple in a compassionate way to become aware if anything.

There is no need for debating why a child needs both a mother and a father, that was not nor ever was the question being posed here nor is there any need to explain why a child needs married parents.

If anything I should have rephrased my question and posed it more on the parents and not the child because I can see how there might be confusion now in the thread title I created, for the confusion if that is what it is I apologize.

thanks again for the input thus far.