Why is Brittany from Glee so smart

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Who's Smart Now

"Sanny, do you still need help with math." Brittany asks as she walks into the Cheerio's locker room.

"Yeah, babe my house tonight. The rents are gone for the week." Santana whispers as four Cheerios walk in.

Quinn comes around the corner having heard the comment that Brittany had made. "S don't tell me you're actually going to get help from B in math." she has a confused look on her face.

"Rainbow covered ducks," Brittany says looking from Santana to Quinn.

"Q please, she meant she needs helps with math." Santana glares giving her the duh look.

"Oh well hurry up everyone's meeting in the choir room to open their letters." Quinn excitedly says, smiling at the two girls feeling sorry for Brittany that she most likely won't be graduating and even sorrier for Santana cause everyone knows she won't leave without Britt.

"That was close," Brittany giggles wrapping her arms around her girlfriend.

"Yeah, so B since it's unlikely you'll be able to hide all those acceptance letters since Shue is handing them out are you going to tell everyone or continue playing dumb." Santana asks smirking cause if Brittany starts acting smart in glee she would totally be turned on by her. It always has been the ultimate turn on which is why whenever they attempt to do homework together they never get much work done.

"I don't know, I haven't decided yet." Brittany helps the smaller girl up kissing her on the cheek.


By the time the two Cheerios arrive everyone else is already there waiting.

"Finally Mr. Shue wouldn't give any out until the two of you arrived." Rachel jumps up wanting to hurry the them to their seats, but she is too scared to actually do anything cause Santana would kill her if she touch either one of them. "Now where did Mr. Shue go." she looks around for him.

"Sweetie, sit down he had to go get the letters." Finn reassures her pulling her into the seat next to him.

"Yeah Hobbit, cool down wither you open your letter now, an hour from now or in two days it's not going to change what it says." Santana spits sitting down on Brittany's lap, she glares at Rachel.

No one else says anything to the girls mostly cause everyone knows not to interrupt Santana and Brittany when they are together. Santana would end anyone who interrupt her Britts time especially when she is getting her mack on which she currently is.

"They do know that we're all here and can see them." Artie says trying not to look at the two girls playing tonsil hockey.

"No one say anything that will stop them this is the best show ever." Puck gawks it is the hottest thing ever in his book.

"Have they even come up for air? I mean don't they have to breath." Tina asks staring like everyone else. She doesn't know much about either girl, but watching them she knows she can learn a lot about kissing. She figures that that is the reason everyone is staring they too want to learn technique.

"There's a popular belief that they have gills or something." Quinn laughs right as Mr. Shue comes in the room with his hands full of letters.

"Santana! Brittany! Enough!" Mr. Shue shouts dropping the letters on the piano.

"Mr. Shue now that everyone is here-" Rachel starts.

"Shut it Hobbit-" Santana growls being cut off by Brittany kissing her.

"Okay, I have to start through them to pile them for each of you, so relax for a few minutes Rachel." Mr. Shue says shuffling the envelops into different piles.

He has three in Rachel's pile, one in Finn's, four in Kurt's, seven in Mercedes, none for Puck which he honestly isn't surprised, two for Quinn one is from Yale. He has never realized she wants to go there. Twenty for Santana, he has always known she is an excellent student even if she appears like she isn't. What is really shocking to him is how many college letters Brittany has. Her pile is at least three times the size of Mike's who has thirty. He looks up and stares at Brittany who is talking to Santana about unicorns and rainbow ducks. He wonders how or why she applies to this many schools and by the size of the envelopes they aren't rejection letters either.

Santana looks up from her conversation with Brittany to see Mr. Shue staring at them. "Well are you going to pass out the letters or can I leave. I needs to get my mack on with Britt soon." smirks Santana as Brittany lightly shoves her laughing.

"Come on Mr. Shue I need my acceptance letter to NYADA." Rachel whines unable to wait as Mr. Shue hands out everyone's letters, but Brittany's cause he can't carry them with all the others.

Most people are too busy opening their own letters to notice Mr. Shue make several trips up to Brittany to give her all her college letters.

"Brittany I never knew you applied so many-"

"Can it Shue. If Britts doesn't want you to know about it then that's what girls going to get. Conprende." Santana retorts angrily as Brittany opens one of the Latina's letters.

"San, you got into NYU." Brittany hugs her giving her a quick peck.

"I also got into UCLA, USC, ASU and Louisville." Santana smiles and giggles with her girlfriend.

Mr. Shue drops it for a second while everyone congratulates one another on getting into the different colleges. Quinn gets into Yale and Santana and Brittany tackles her. Mike gets into Joffrey and Tina passionately kisses him so happy that he will be able to dance. Mercedes and Finn get in the small colleges that they have applied to. Both Kurt and Rachel get into NYADA and are jumping up and down acting like little kids at the fair.

It takes ten minutes for the commotion to die down. Once that happens Rachel notices Mr. Shue staring at Brittany.

" why are you staring at Brittany and Santana?" Rachel asks as everyone else also takes notice to Mr. Shue's behavior.

"Is it cause you feel bad for them?" Puck asks earning him a glare from Santana who is about to say something when Quinn stops her.

"Cause Britt's not graduating with the rest of us."

"Oh hell no. You did not just insult my girls intelligent." Santana shouts jumping up. "Apologize now!"

"It's not like it's not true, you have to admit that Satan." Kurt points out.

"Lady Face I will go All Lima Heights for insulting my girl. She's smart, smarter than any of you." Santana shouts running at him only stops by hearing Brittany crying. "Babe, I'm sorry it's okay. I won't hurt them."

Brittany slightly smiles at her, but only she can see it. Of course she isn't crying she never cries cause she is sad it is normally form trying to hid her laughter.

"I think you need to be realistic Satan and accept the fact that "your girl" will be stuck here with me for another year while you're off somewhere breaking her heart in the process." Artie smirks thinking he can totally win Brittany back.

Santana glares and everyone one can see she is about to say something and attack, when a voice behind them broke everyone's attention from Artie.

"For one Artie you miscalculated many things as usual. I won't be staying here with you and second Santana would never break my heart. She cares very much for me and just for the record I did graduate ignoramus. Just because you think your smarter than everyone else doesn't mean you are." Brittany states to the gawking people in front of her most mutter unintelligible things under their breath. "Rachel, Quinn you do know that when you mumble and make animal noises people can't understand what you're trying to say." Santana cracks up when Brittany finishes, but quickly stops to glare around at everyone.

"Brittany...do you know what you just said?" Kurt asks being the first to wrap his head around this.

"Of course I do, I'm not an idiot you know." Brittany puts her hand on Santana's thigh to calm her down and to tell her that she will handle this.

"But...but...but," stammers Finn.

"You're not smart, no offense." Quinn finishes looking wide eyed at the dizzy blonde.

Santana laughes turning to look at Brittany. The blonde nods and the Latina smiles she has been waiting for so long to tell these losers that her girlfriend is actually a genius.

"That's where you're wrong Q; Brittany is way smarter than any of you." Santana takes Brittany's hand smirking glaring around daring someone to say something. "She actually graduated two years ago, but swung it with Figgins to stay another two years with the help to Sue."

"But, she's failing all of her classes and says things that don't make sense." Sam looks really confused along with everyone else.

"It was an act-" Santana begins.

"I decided going into high school to pretend to be dumb to prove my thesis and cause I thought it would be fun." Brittany smiles leaning into Santana. "And Q yes Tana knew, she, Figgins and a few other teachers where the only ones at this school that knew." she answers before Quinn even asks.

"What schools have you gotten into?" Kurt asks looking very curious.

"Well let's see here Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Columbia, Cal Tech, Stanford, Duke, Dartmouth, Northwestern, John Hopkins..." Brittany lists shuffling through the acceptance letters.

"And Brown, Cornell, Georgetown, USC, UCLA, NYU, Pepperdine, UConn, MIT, Cambridge, and Oxford." Santana continues looking through some of Brittany's letters.

"Oh I also got into Juilliard, Joffrey and Tisch." Brittany blushes feeling very self-conscious about how many top schools she has gotten into. "Also I didn't apply to half of these schools."

"Wow Brittany I'm sorry that we've always assumed that you were stupid." Quinn says and everyone nods in agreement.

"It's okay, I was trying to trick you all and it worked." Brittany smiles.

"Well now that you all realize how smart my girl is you won't mind if we leave. I needs my hot lesbian sex with my sexy girlfriend." Santana smirks as she and Brittany get up collecting all of Brittany's letters.

"Do you at least have an idea of college you're going to go to?" Rachel asks before the two Cheerios reach the door.

Santana looks over at Brittany also curious about what she will say. They hasn't talked that much about colleges and what will happen to them.

"I don't know honestly we'll probably end up in LA or New York. I don't plan on going somewhere far away from San so I'll go to a school near where she goes or to the same school." Brittany smiles putting her head on Santana's shoulder. The Latina smiles unable to say anything. She's so shocked by what the blonde says all she can do is kiss her head as they leave.

Everyone looks at each other trying to figure out what just happened.

"Mr. Shue how could you not know." Artie asks.

"What about you Artie you dated her." Quinn points out.

"Well you are their best friend." Finn says still staring at the door.

"What about Mike, he danced with her a lot." Puck also points out.

"Okay everyone I think the point is made Brittany played us all even those of us who thought they were close to her." Rachel says, "Let's face it only Santana really knew no wonder she does so well in school."

Quinn wonders if anything else about Brittany is also false, but then thinks no cause she has stopped Santana from hurting them. The only thing different is that she is a genius that only Santana knew.