Why is America declaring Pakistan terrorists

Thank for your argument.

I just have to say that you should put the exact link of the website you got your information rather than just the general website. If you just put www.timesofIndia.com it isn't helpful because how am I going to find the article out from many articles uploaded every day.

"Well that seems too naive to believe that Osama sneaked into Pakistan without authorities knowing anything about him."
- It doesn't seem naive. Osama was the leader of Al Qaeda which is a big organization. I believe that he actually can infiltrate the border and got a safe house in Pakistan.

"It was a big mansion without proper legal documents."
- Where did you get this information from? Also I don't believe in a country of 1,760,709,573 people living, it was easy to just find Osama right away because he was in a big mansion without legal document.

"Everything was suspicious and the world is talking the same. R.A.W informed America in 2004 about Osama in Karachi. This means you are not interested in reading newspapers and watching television. When you asked about proves of C.I.A and RAW giving proves of terrorist camps in Pakistan then it has been shown times and times again on television. You can also check wikileaks cables for dossiers exchanged between C.I.A and R.A.W."
- First of all I think you shouldn't assume that I watch the news. And if you really want to back up your statement then give me links.

"I am from India and we are battling state sponsored terrorism from last 27 years. We have given ample dossiers to U.N , U.S.A and Pakistan also. When you mentioned Osama's role against U.S.S.R and Pakistan help in war against terror then it shows that you are not concerned about terrorism elsewhere in the world."
- This whole topic is based on Pakistan and whether it should be consider a terrorist state. Of course I concrete most about Pakistan, but like I said in Round 1 I wrote that country like Afghanistan that is more terrorist like than Pakistan.
I do care about other terrorism elsewhere in the world. It is disrespectful for you to say that I don't care about others.

"If Pakistan is pretending to help you then it not for free , America is giving financial aid to Pakistan. War against terror means War against terror not War which suits American interests. Now you are not realizing Pakistan danger as America couldn't do in case of Taliban and what happened was 9/11."
- Like all allies America is giving financial aid to also improve on the friendship with the country. Can you clarify this sentence, "War against terror means War against terror not War which suits American interests." You can't just blame 9/11 all on Pakistan. 9/11 was carried out by Taliban not the whole country, so it gives you no reason what so ever that Pakistan is the one to blame because of this act.

“Now as you have mentioned India's alliance with Russia then I must tell you we wanted to be friends with America too but U.S.A was not interested in our friendship with both of them. We were part of Non-alignment movement and we couldn't choose any one block. so we wanted to maintain friendly and cordial relationship with both. Russia said yes while America didn't respond. Now also we want to be friends with every nation. "
- I only put the India's alliance because I wanted to put in the whole statement. You said, "We were part of Non-alignment movement and we couldn't choose any one block. so we wanted to maintain friendly and cordial relationship with both." How do you know what your government truly wanted? Are you a government official?

"Declaring it a terrorist state would help us and other nations to create much needed pressure on its economy which is being used to fund terrorism."
- Can you provide any resources about this.

"We are with America in war against terrorism but you can't decide everything according to your country rules in an international issue."
- Can you clarify what I said that made you think like this?

"Now when you mentioned a poor destroyed nation like Afganistan as a dangerous terrorist state which desperately needs help from international community surprised me. First west ( and I support this one) attacked Afganistan saying that it wants to help it buy freeing it from Taliban and after remaining there for 10 years now the same affected people who first were crushed by Taliban , then saw Nato forces bombarding their Houses are being equated with Taliban. Strange argument. Now We ( international community) should help them."
- Afghanistan is a country that is harboring all these terrorist and is being constantly being attack which is why U.S. Army resorts to using airstrikes to kill them. Why do we keep on bombing them is because we our trying to kill the terrorist there. Our forces are there to keep the citizens of Afghanistan safe, but the terrorist keeps on fighting back. If the terrorist stop killing people and terrorizing maybe our soldiers will withdraw.
Here is an article saying that terroriost has slain 4 U.S. soldiers. This is the reason our soldiers keep on staying in that country to insure that the terrorists won't do any more damage to that country.

"All over the world Newspapers are flooded with reports and statements Questioning integrity of Pakistan. Salman Rushdie , American C.I.A heads and thousands of others have said the same. In 1999 Kargil war thousands of Taliban fighters were killed with Pakistani Army soldiers and I.S.I agents. I.S.I trains Talibani fighters."
-Can you provide any links or resources other than just writing general links? What I am asking is for my opponent to write where they got the information.


Pakistan is an important ally. Like I have said before they are an ally to the U.S against the war of terrorism. They have help NATO by help supplying them with supplies the NATO and U.S. needs. In a world like today every ally is important. People believe Pakistan is a terrorist country because they support terrorists. This is not true because if Pakistan did support terrorists than why would terrorists attack Pakistan.
Other country like Afghanistan is more of a terrorist country than Pakistan. I know that my opponent might hold some grudge or dislike Pakistan because he believes they helped to act out 26/11, but he shouldn't say that Pakistan is hold responsible for that act because you can't prove that Pakistan actually did that.
Pakistan is an ally and a great help on the war against terror.

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