Why does one hate swearing

I recently broke up with my girlfriend because she swore A LOT. I'm talking over excessively. She literally cussed like a sailor.

I personally believe there's a time to swear and there's a time to keep it to a bare minimum. Big public places, usually around young children and around more professional settings are the top places I would say to keep the swearing to a minimum or not at all. There's plenty of other words you can use to expresses your frustration.

When you're around friends and such, there's really nothing to worry about.

My ex was pretty much like you, 5'1, 100lbs, 20years old, really petite, but the fact that she took no consideration for her surroundings, I couldn't help but be embarrassed continuously when we were at a nice restaurant and she's telling me how her day went, or a story from last week and every other word was eff-this, and eff-that, and those mother effers.

She had no real volume control either, so i felt like everyone in the place could hear her :(

In the end, the way you act, speak and overall present yourself is all on you. It's what makes up first impressions and can also ultimately lead to the people that are attracted to you. Personally you should take it down a notch, guys in high school are usually after only one thing anyway (I know from experience, I'm a guy, lol)

Source(s): personal experience