Why does everyone hate jury duty

I am so happy for the ones that love jury duty! I am scared to death! If I lived closer, it would be a little easier, but it is getting there from where I live by 8 a.m. I will have to leave my house by 6 a.m. to be sure to make the shuttle and if my car decides not to work, I will have to walk 2 miles to the closest bus stop and I have back and knee problems. $10 a day doesn't cover my gas money! I am dreading it. And why do we have to wait until AFTER 5 the day before to find out? It is like another day of misery to me! I have way too much to do to take time out to do this. I have painters coming this week and carpet cleaners since we are putting our house up for sale next week. Totally irritates me. There should be people who are paid jurors. I have a blind adult son, I pay my taxes, and I do volunteer work and am a pretty good person, why the hell do I have to do this too? Plus it is on voting day, so I won't get to vote, and it is also the day of the monthly senior discount. I follow the rules so I don't have to ever go to court, and yet I still do! I feel better now, thanks!!