Why do I barely sweat

Have you ever noticed at the gym that not everyone is sweating?  Some people are dripping and others are barely moist!  The truth is that sweating is your body's mechanism to cool the body.  People who are more fit are more likely to sweat more because their body is efficient at cooling.  Women tend to sweat less than men for that same reason.  Overweight people sweat more because fat acts as an insulation and makes them warmer - hence they cool with sweating.

But sweating during a workout is a sign that you are revving up your furnace within.  It's a sign of intensity change.  Calories are a measure of heat.  When you are sweating, you are burning more calories per hour than when you're not.   My favorite anecdote about fitness is Oprah's conversation with Bob Greene. I loved the part in her book about fitness training where she told Bob Greene, I don't sweat.   Then shortly thereafter, Bob had her dripping in sweat a few days later.  She became successful for the first time in her weight loss goals.

Humans have between 2-4 million sweat glands in the body.   Sweating is effected by your age, gender, genetics, environment and fitness level.  Sweating helps decrease the toxins in the body.   Depending on foods and beverages you consume and bacteria hanging out on your body determines whether you smell when you sweat.

Which brings me to my next point, sweating can be gross.  So quite frankly, how do you make sweating cool?   (please link viewsport.us)I discovered a new company Viewsport that has workout clothes that are designed to sweat.  In fact, the best part about the workout apparel, is that when you sweat, a message appears.  I love the shirt that says "CHASE ME" on the back when you start a good sweat.  Another challenges I AM... when you sweat THE COMPETITOR.  They have a patented technology that works with sweat to change the design.

It's a shirt that makes sweating hip, trendy and fun. It says to the rest of the people in the gym that I'm doing something for my body.  Thought it might inspire you to sweat!  Check out www.viewsport.us

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