Why are some roofs made slanted

Flat Roof: Advantages and Disadvantages

Of all the different roof types for homes and buildings, one of the most controversial is the flat roof. Used commonly on large buildings and outbuildings, the flat roof has its own special set of needs and challenges. If you’re considering this type of roof for your building or residence, make sure you understand the advantages and disadvantages it can bring.

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Flat Roof Advantages

By far the biggest advantage of using a flat roof is the expense. From the initial building and installation to the materials most often used to cover the roof, flat roofs are fairly cheap. Many types of material used for installation run about .80 a foot, which makes a flat roof extremely affordable both for the initial installation and the maintenance and upkeep.

Another advantage to using a flat roof is the fact that you can now make use of the space once the roof is done. Get your air conditioning units up off the ground and put them on the roof. Install solar panels