Why am I always broke

You drink, you smoke, you like fast food and you don’t run unless someone’s chasing you. So maybe your health isn’t great, but at least you’re having fun, right? Chances are, though, your finances aren’t healthy, either, because bad habits are a big financial drain. And there’s nothing fun about that. GetRichSlowly’s Roth says that most of the people he knows who struggle with money have a slew of bad habits.

But give up those bad habits and you -- and your wallet -- will be healthier as a result. Considering a pack of cigarettes might run you $6, you’ll spend about $2,200 a year on a pack-a-day smoking habit. Plus, each pack comes with $35 in health-related costs, estimates the American Cancer Society. That’s an extra $12,775 a year if you smoke a pack a day. As for alcohol, even moderate drinking adds up. Just two glasses of wine a day runs you more than $1,000 a year, and that calculation is based on sipping the cheap stuff at home. If you prefer Bordeaux at a bar, you’re paying a lot more.

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