Which is better morrowind oblivion or Skyrim

I was just thinking which is the best TES game by Bethesda Studios. Personally, I would go with Oblivion because it had the great environments like those great beautiful and relaxing in-a-way forests and those terrifying Oblivion planes. It also had the best UI as it wasn't cluttered and at the same time it wasn't obscure.Combat was stupid but worked well enough. The only thing bad about it was the clay faces and the same dungeons and caves copy pasted all across Cyrodiil.

Skyrim had better graphics and a more fluid combat system yet it failed to bring the variety the quests had in Oblivion. Also, the environments are totally washed out and it's just grey and white all the way. Not to mention that the dragons were hardly boss fights and didn't have that epic factor I was expecting.Also, the enemy variety was tiny and all I fought were bandits, Draugr, wolves and an occasional dragon or two.

Morrowind had the best environments and the culture and architecture style was the best. But the combat was just crazy. Your weapon would clearly strike against an enemy visually but had a CHANCE to hit it. Also it had the best creature variety and the most imaginative monsters and buildings.

As a side note, the best game by Bethesda would be Fallout 3. Great environments, good story, amazing and realistic lore, awesome weapons and the best enemies in an RPG.