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Hostel fees once paid are non refundable in case the student wants to leave the University, change the hostel or is expelled from the hostel for gross misconduct. Only security amount will be refunded post deduction of fines/penalties if any.

Grant of admission in S.Cafe Boys Hostel in no way confers any tenancy rights, express or implied, to the residents.

Admission is granted for a period of one academic year only and re-admission in subsequent years can not be taken as a matter of right.

Ragging in any form is strictly prohibited. For definition of ragging please refer to UPES manuals and notices displayed in the UPES campus.

Gambling, betting, consumption of alcoholic drinks, narcotic drugs & psychotropic substances and consumption of tobacco products are strictly prohibited within the hostel premises.If found, then student is solely responsible for any legal act against him.

No inmate will be allowed to keep pet animals or birds in the hostel premises.

Residents shall ensure that the hostel properties and equipment are not damaged and/or disfigured in any manner and maintained in good working order.

Students are responsible for their personal vehicles, even hostel providing cctv survelliance to avoid any theft.

Students will have to observe the mess timings published from time to time on the notice board. No meals will be served before or beyond this timing, except under extenuating circumstances.

 Entering the kitchen area is prohibited.Only vegetarian food will be served, however non-veg are permitted on Wed & Sunday.Students can even eat from Hostel Canteen on his pay charges.

The management reserves the right to add and or amend these rules from time to time.

  Ignorance of the above rules and regulations shall not be an excuse for their violation or lack of compliance. Any infringement thereof will attract penalties that may range from  financial to expulsion from the hostel (without refund of fees) depending upon the nature of offence.

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