Where can I get beatiful wrapping papers

This is 100% my opinion, BUT…I am sort of a wrapping paper freak (is this too strong a word?)  Well, maybe more of an aficionado (there we go that sounds fancier).  I just love good quality wrapping paper with gorgeous unique designs and these stores have just that.  So here it goes…the 10 best places to buy wrapping paper!

1.  Paper Source–  Ok this is my go to, all-time favorite store.  Their wrapping paper is so perfect for any occasion.

2. Papyrus– Another AMAZING paper store.  They have such gorgeous paper.

3.  World Market – Not only is their wrapping paper wonderful but they have awesome gift accessories.

4.  Snow and Graham– Their paper is just lovely.  (oh and their holiday paper….AMAZING!)

5.  Smudge Ink – Their selection is small but what they do have is so adorable.

6.  The Container Store– I am semi obsessed with this store for just its organizing options alone, but their gift wrap is awesome!

7.  Luxe Paperie– Such luxurious paper (hence the name).

8.  TJ Maxx and Home Goods–  If you’re into cute paper that is cheap, then these are your stores.  They seriously have such awesome gift wrap for such a a good price.

9.  Target– What can’t you find here that isn’t great?  I mean seriously.  I love their spritz brand, especially their brown craft paper gift wrap.

10.  Dollar stores or Dollar sections- This can be a hit or miss but always give these a once over.  I love finding some cute wrapping for $1!

I would love to hear of any other great places!  If anyone knows any…share share!