Where can I buy best funky socks

What We sell

Atlantic Socks ®
High-end quality Canadian Funky Stylish Novelty Gift Socks, Knee High and Crew Socks, Canadian Souvenir Clothing Brand.
Atlantic Socks ® is a main brand of ATLANTIC TRADING POST Inc.

Various of Funky Stylish Novelty Socks 
Create the new trends and be the fashion leader by making products that integrate both contents and culture in the conventional market.

Usage of High Quality Raw Material 
Our manufactures produce Wool and Cotton combined Socks using the proper Spandex with a variety of color and specialized yarns and 100% yarn-dye in South Korea.

Computer Graphic Design & State-of-the-art Knitting Machine 
Designed in Canada using Computer Graphics and Made in South Korea using High-tech Socks Knitting Machine.

Strict Quality Control 
All of the products are 100% totally inspected by the specialists to minimize the failure rate and maximize the credibility and the satisfaction to the customer.

Making joyful days
Our products will make you laugh and give you the sense of joy when ever you wear or use them.

Who we are

How we got started
ATLANTIC TRADING POST Inc. was established as an international business company in 2015 in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada.  

Trade Marks
Atlantic Socks ® registered in Canadian Intellectual Property Office. 

Contact Information
Sales Inquiry:[email protected]
Company Info:[email protected]