Whats the strangest thing about getting older

I practice voices in the shower. Not singing voices - talking voices. I practice all sorts of accents: formal British and informal British - they're very different, you see - French, Irish, Scottish, Indian, Jamaican, Bajan, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, and Southern.. to name a few. I also do different types of voices (ie. "rocker", "chipmunk", "druggie") - and worse, I give them characters and names! I've got..

Millie: A grandmother with a New York accent who is still very spirited, and enjoys nothing so much as gossip.

Ralph: A young stereotypical "angry nerd" who works at Burger King and has a lateral lisp and wears his pants and socks way too high. His dream is to be the employee of the month, but he's something of a klutz.

Pierre: A rather stuck-up French man who works at a hotel and is exasperated at a world teeming with idiots.

Jim: An "informal" Brit with a motormouth and a fierce opinion. Rather squeaky for a male, but nobody ever questions his masculinity - only his muscle, which is rather lacking.

So, um, I guess you can see why I don't tell people that. I'd be sent to therapy for having multiple personalities.. which isn't the case. :P