What was your most unique concert experience

I haven't been to too many concerts in my short life but my concert journey is just beginning. This past week I went to my first concert without any of my family members like every other concert before. I went with my best friend Breanna to see Ariana Grande, Little Mix, and Victoria Monet. Which was great, by the way. When Breanna asked me to go with her to the concert, I was super excited! The only problem was that I had to convince my parents that us going alone was a good idea. My argument was that I was almost 19 and Breanna was 19. I've been to Bridgestone Arena plenty of times. No big deal. I told them that it was just us and they were definitely nervous about it but the answer was yes. I was stunned. I was expecting different. We made it to Nashville with no issues and made it out with no issues. Go us! All this being said, I'm going to tell you about my concert experiences.

I have been to plenty of Christian concerts and seen numerous Christian artists. This isn't a story about me but it does have my mom in it and it was the greatest experience. We were at a winter conference and the opening act was Skillet. One of mom's favorite bands. We have a running joke about how many kids mom had to run over to get front row for Skillet. Well at this conference it was crazier than it has ever been with getting seats. We all ran in and I see mom's hand waving, screaming that she had seats that were right next to the stage. Finally, Skillet comes on to play and mom has her camera out snapping pictures the entire time. I was so close to him that he sweated on me. Mom makes her way next to the stage and I began recording as John Cooper, the lead singer and moms "man", came close. I was standing behind her and all I see is her hand up in the air waving around. John comes walking by and sees her hand waving around and comes and slaps it. Mom turns around and screams. I have never seen more joy on a person's face then in that moment. I was laughing so hard that I was crying. It was incredible. Probably top five of the greatest moments in mom's life, if not number one.

Another concert I went to was the Foo Fighters. This concert was cool because it was their 20th anniversary and they were playing their greatest hits. They sound the same live as they do on a record. They played for three hours and I stood the entire time. At this time, the lead singer Dave Grohl had broken his foot and had a special throne made for him to sit and play in. This was super cool.

One of my favorite concerts was Rob Thomas and Counting Crows. Rob Thomas is the lead singer for Matchbox Twenty which is one of my favorite bands of all time. Counting Crows sings my favorite song ever, Hanging Around. I was so excited! My dad and I left early to get food before the show. While we are walking to get food, it comes to a flood. We just knew that it would rain the entire concert, which was at the Ascend Amphitheater. Luckily, it stopped. Rob Thomas sounded great, and even played a few Matchbox Twenty songs. Counting Crows finished with my favorite song and I almost cried. Definitely a highlight in my life.

Concerts are an experience and I can't wait for more. My goal is to see The Rolling Stones, Third Eye Blind, and anyone else that I can.