What is your perception about relationships

My Thoughts On Our Opioid Crisis
I am just trying to be a part of a solution to this crisis we all face. Please feel free to call or write me with your stories or debates let’s talk about this!!!
My take on the drug/crime crisis our cities/countries/world are dealing with. A step to helping others have their voice heard. Not judged but heard. Let’s find a solution!! Join my fb group to be part of the solution. https://www.facebook.com/groups/447201769165783/?ref=share
Your Not Perfect.... What???
In this episode I discuss how sometimes we feel less than perfect as a parent dealing with our small children. Sometimes we say and do things we shouldn’t but we all do it!!
Do you have anxiety? I do too, let’s talk!!
Just doing some reflective thinking about turning 40 next week. How did you feel when you turned 40. Love to hear your input!!
Balance Between Work & Family
I was just pondering on the topic of working to much to make ends meet and the sacrifice it is when it comes to our kids. Would love for you to chime in and if you would like to chat with me on the podcast on these topics please email me!!
Understanding Your Values & Beliefs
Today I chat with Matt Landsiedel. I found him on Facebook and he was doing some great videos on our values and beliefs and I really wanted to share his message with you my listeners. He is very wise and a great guy to chat with. Find him on his website https://matt-landsiedel-fitness-inc.teachable.com/p/evolving-within You can also find him on Facebook on his page Matt Landsiedel Fitness
Trusting & Listening To Your Intuition
IN this episode I give you some ways to trust your intuition. I also give you some methods I use and some of my own experiences with intuition. If you would like to sponsor my podcast you can do so here https://anchor.fm/rawrelationships/support If you would like to join me in a conversation please feel free to email me at [email protected]
Ultimate Self Care & More With Judy Martene
Judy and I discuss the necessary steps to ultimate self care along a lot  more great advice from Judy. Judy is a intuitive channel, healer, mentor, she is also a talk show host and documentary producer. You can find her by clicking any of the links below.  http://judymartene.com/ultimate-self-care Join her facebook group here https://www.facebook.com/groups/judykmartene/  If you would like to learn more about me please check out my website www.rawrelationships.net  If you would like to sponsor this podcast with a small monthly donation you can do so here. https://anchor.fm/rawrelationships/support Your support helps me to bring you the best guests and keep the podcast going on a weekly basis. 
I caught myself doubting myself lol I talk through it and come to a conclusion. As well as some thoughts and advice.
I talk about what I’ve been doing since the end of September as I’ve kinda been mia with my listeners.
A bit of a peek into what I’ve been up to on the side! YouTubing with my son!! So much fun. Check out his channel here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBN4Q0Q_9tguQvhWw6BOHCQ email me at [email protected]  If you would like to sponsor my podcast you can do so here https://anchor.fm/rawrelationships/support  
Reflection Makes It All Better
I was able to do some reflecting and find some peace and ease with my daily life :) email me your stories and comments and feedback [email protected]

What Is Your Perception Of The World