What is the meaning of semi large

(1): forming a bisection of semidiameter
(2): being a usually vertically bisected form of (a specified architectural feature) semidome
b: half in quantity or value : half of or occurring halfway through a specified period of time semiannualsemimonthly — compare bi-
2: to some extent : partly : incompletely semicivilizedsemi-independentsemidry — compare demi-, hemi-
3a: partial : incomplete semiconsciousnesssemidarkness
b: having some of the characteristics of semiporcelain
c: quasi-semigovernmentalsemimonastic

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\ ˈse-mē also -ˌmī\

Definition of semi

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\ ˈse-ˌmī also -mē\

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\ ˈse-ˌmī also -mē\

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