What is the Logo Professional 1

You don’t have to be a graphic designer to understand what your customers' need and what they are looking for when they are searching for your brand. However, to make a business logo that attracts customers is tricky.

The average person's attention span is around 8 seconds which is not a lot of time to catch them. For this reason, your business logo should be:

Catchy. Whether it is hip, modern or outrageous, your business logo will only attract customers if it is catchy. How to make a catchy logo depends on what type of audience you're targeting. For example Nike's swoosh is an attractive logo for fitness crowd but may not work well as a landscaping logo or logo for an insurance company. Understand your target audience before you make your business logo.

Simple to understand. In 8 seconds, a logo has to stop your audience in their tracks, communicate your brand’s message and entice them to come to your shop or office. So make the logo simple enough to see and understand from far away.

Motivate action. Your logo can be just the symbol of your brand on a billboard or it can be the icon to click to download your app. Regardless of where you will use it, get a logo design that will motivate your audience to take action.

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