What is Schuberts most difficult piano piece

That's easy..

1. Piano Sonata 21 in B-flat Major, D.960

- This is Schubert at his most sublime. Considered as one of the greatest piano works, D.960 is transcedental, divine and breathtaking.

There are so many recordings of this great work. I consider Horowitz the one to beat, with Curzon, Yudina, Haskill, Uchida, Lupu, Brendel and Richter following him.

2. Fantasie in C-major ''Wanderer'', D.760

- Schubert himself said ''the devil may play it!'' because he can't play it properly. The 2nd movement of this piece is one of the most virtuosic and dramatic in piano literature. Liszt was enamored and fascinated with Wanderer Fantasy. It influenced his thematic development and he transcribed it for piano with orchestra.

Richter is the devil! Listen to his Wanderer in YouTube. It's demonic.

3. Impromptus D.899

- Beautiful piano miniatures. I consider tha third one in G major, my favorite.

Andras Schiff recorded the two sets, and he had done an admirable job.

4. Fantasie in F-minor in Piano Four Hands, D.940

- The greatest of Schubert's piano duets! This piece is the pinnacle of the genre. Military March no. 1, might be Schubert's most popular, but the Fantasy is thousands time greater. What pathos and tragedy! The 1st movement is so sad and lovely.

Britten and Richter is a good choice. But, I prefer the ones with Kissen and Levine

5. Piano Sonata 14 in A minor, D.784

The turning point of Schubert's piano sonatas. It's magical and dreamy.

Get the Kempff's recording.

6. Impromptus, D.934

Though not as popular as the first, Impromptus is just as good. The 3rd one, with Themes and Variations is my favorite.

Andras Schiff can't be beat.

7. Any Liszt' transcription of Schubert's Lieder

- Where do I start? Erlkönig, Gretchen am Spinnrade, Die Forelle etc. They are masterpieces of their own right.

Regarding Brendel. Brendel is one of the best regarded Schubertian, but I won't call him the best. There are many good pianists that can beat Brendel's recording of Schubert (like Horowitz, Curzon). The thing is, Brendel is just more consistent in his recordings. Also Brendel has this stupid idea of not observing repeats on D.960, so I won't forgive him at that.. But he's one of the most respected Schubert's interpreter (just a little bland, though).