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Support for Windows 7 ended on January 14, 2020

We recommend you move to a Windows 10 PC to continue to receive security updates from Microsoft.

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The best way to keep Windows 7 up to date is to turn on automatic updates. With automatic updates, you don’t have to search for updates online or worry about missing critical fixes or device drivers for your PC. Instead, Windows Update automatically installs important updates as they become available. 

To turn on automatic updates: 

  1. Select the Start button . Type Update in the search box, and select Windows Update from the list of results. 
  2. In the left pane, select Change settings, and then under Important updates, select Install updates automatically (recommended)
  3. Under Recommended updates, turn on Give me recommended updates the same way I receive important updates, and then select OK

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If your PC is connected to a network where updates are managed by Group Policy, you might be unable to change settings related to Windows Update. For more info, contact your organization’s support person.