What is different between AMPPS and XAMPP

Hi Marco,

Hey Chris, sorry that I am so curious but you sound like reseller of the MAMP pro Version.

I assure you I am not a reseller, I have tried several different options to local stacks on OS X but all have fallen short of MAMP in my personal opinion. Yes, the underlying technologies used by MAMP and XMAPP are pretty much the same, I look past that for:

  1. Ease of use
  2. An intuitive UI with lots of configurable options for Apache, PHP and MySQL
  3. The ability to easy test production-like settings without needing to manually change files
  4. Probably the most important for me personally, low memory and CPU usage

And having a sever use different PHP Versions and virtual hosts (different webserver configuration in one) require either a little configuration your self (which by the way gives you a better understanding how a webserver works)

Getting multiple versions of PHP working isn't a trivial process since it requires intermediate knowledge of setting up PHP-FPM and FastCGI, of course there are plenty of tutorials - but it's a slow and frustrating process for someone who has never set it up before.

Yes, it would give you a better understanding but it would be far better to do so within a Linux VM where the environment would be more predictable when getting set up.

[...] or you pay 40 bugs and get it mostly done in MAMP pro (like others think you might need it in most cases).

I didn't pay because it was already done, but because it saves a lot of time if I need to format my MacBook as the backup contains all vital data about virtual hosts, PHP versions and settings, SSL certificates etc.

Again, these opinions are my own based on software evaluations over the past 6-7 years.