What is business 10

Windows Hello is a relatively new way to log into your Windows 10 computer without needing to type in a password or passcode. Instead, it features a biometric security system — it recognizes your face, irises, or fingerprints, depending on the kind of Hello technology on your computer. 

Essentially, you can log in almost instantly by looking at your computer, or touching your finger to a sensor. 

But not every PC has Windows Hello capability. So before you buy a new computer, expecting to sign in with Windows Hello, it's a good idea to learn more about it.

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How to get Windows Hello

Microsoft introduced Windows Hello in 2015, and while there are tablets, laptops, and desktop computers with Hello built in, most computers still don't have it. 

If you want to take advantage of Windows Hello, one way to do that is to buy a new computer that comes with a Hello camera or fingerprint reader. You can study up on new computers to see if Windows Hello is listed in the features, or check out a page that Microsoft maintains, which lists PCs that feature Windows Hello. 

In addition to those, most Microsoft Surface computers come with Windows Hello as well. 

Another alternative is to add a compatible camera or sensor to your existing system. Not all webcams or cameras work with Windows Hello, since the feature requires a relatively sophisticated camera that can sense depth for greater accuracy using near infrared imaging. 

Some cameras that are Windows Hello compatible include the LilBit Face Recognition USB IR Camera, Mouse Facial Recognition camera, and the Logitech BRIO webcam.