What is a sliding contact bearing


Among the sliding contact bearings radial bearings find wide applications in industries and hence these bearings are dealt in more detail here. The radial bearings are also called journal or sleeve bearings. The portion of the shaft inside the bearing is called the journal and this portion needs better finish and specific property. Depending on the extent to which the bearing envelops the journal, these bearings are classified as full, partial and fitted bearings. As shown in Fig.1.9.

In 1883 Beauchamp Tower discovered that when a bearing is supplied with adequate oil, a pressure is developed in the clearance space when the journal rotates about an axis that is eccentric with the bearing axis. He exhibited that the load can be sustained by this fluid pressure without any contact between the two members.

The load carrying ability of a hydrodynamic bearing arises simply because a viscous fluid resists being pushed around. Under proper conditions, this resistance to motion will

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Fig. 1.9 Various types of journal bearings
1.5 Hydrodynamic lubrication