What do you think of garden gnomes


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What do you think of garden gnomes?


Frosty the Snowman scared me as a child.
I think they are nefarious.
I thought they were ugly 'til I started playing Farmville, now I like them.
DS got one for Christmas that is a zombie gnome. Pretty cool.
I thought they were od until I watched Gnomeo and Juliet. Now I want one. Or two.
Yes..... they do come to life at night. I have pictures to prove it too, although they are a bit grainy looking, but then it is difficult to get a good picture of the little buggers, because other than the travel gnome, they are very camera shy, don't know why either, because they are cute. Also, it is hard to take a good picture because they move so fast, I think it is from something that they all like to snort at night. I believe it is cat nip or something green anyway. Also they sprinkle extra sugar on their Wheaties in the am, yes, am for they are aware during the day too. They just move very slowly, so you cannot notice them. But..... even then, if you see one of your gnomes near oh say your front door in the morning, but by the middle of the day, ever wonder how he or she or they made it over to the mail box, that is right at the end of your drive way, well.... it is the gnome stroll, as opposed to the gnome allegro. That they do when they feel like it at night. And I must say, it is truly a real hoot! Why they all look so happy, matter of fact, happier than a buzzard on the back of a gut truck. I have pictures of that too, somewhere.
Anyway, if you are ever a wonderin' why it is that your lawn has little yellow spots where dogs cannot tread, it is the way of the gnome. When you are home, they have to use the outdoors to do their business. And If you were trying to figure out why it is that your t.p. seems to run out awfully fast, even though it is the huge 500 ct Costco roll, that equals 1000 rolls, well.... again...... enter the gnome.
They also love swiss cheese, cheese puffs, and skittles. The skittles remind them of the rainbow, and they always look forward to seeing real rainbows, because they know how to find the pot of gold that is at the other end of it. The only problem with that is though, is that the huge ugly narly trolls, not the little cute ones, no... those are eaten by the former, very nasty they are, also know about the rainbow gold. So they follow the gnomes, snack on them if they can catch them, then steal their gold. There needs to be a law or something so as to protect the gnomes and cute trolls. The nasty trolls can take care of their own self. No, really they can. I must go now, for my trio of trolls are currently kicking my garbage cans over, they are upset because I placed the toilet paper out of their reach. I did put it back on the lower shelf, but.... not soon enough. Remember.... the gnome knows where you keep everything, so don't make them mad! We shall return when we can.. Ciao...

~~ I love you Phil, and you will forever be with me! Forever my very best and most special friend! I love you to no end. ~~
They are creepy to me. On the drive to my mothers house, I have to drive past this creepy house. Not only do they have an old hearse in the driveway, but they have 8 creepy garden gnomes in the over grown yard. What makes this even worse for me is that they are Snow White and the seven dwarfs. How weird is that?
I love gnomes.. weird, I know.

I collect them
They've always given me the creeps, until I saw a University of Michigan gnome while visiting my family in MI last summer. That one I had to have!


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They've always given me the creeps, until I saw a University of Michigan gnome while visiting my family in MI last summer. That one I had to have!
I used to have no opinion on gnomes. Then someone gave me and DH one of these for Christmas. We have no garden. We had no idea what to do with it. So we decided to take it around the world with us because, you know, every garden gnome hopes to be a traveling gnome someday.



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I find them a bit terrifying.
I have a book When Garden Gnomes Attack
I don't own Gnomes because I'm convinced they come alive at night
Surprisingly, I rarely think of them UNLESS..they can get me a good deal on airfare
I always hated them...until I saw the Mickey Mouse gnomes. Now I have one in my garden.


<font color=green>I just love those parmesan mashe
The only one I have is the Mickey Garden Gnome I bought in WDW.

Love him!!

What do you think of garden gnomes?