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The Monday-to-Friday work week can be really tiring. And if you’re in a city that’s pretty much dormant on the weekend, it can be frustrating. Luckily, this is not the case in a large city like Hyderabad.

The city is home to many fun and chilled out experiences that will help you recharge for the coming work week. In this article, we have a look at the top 15 weekend activities in Hyderabad.

The Best Weekend Activities in Hyderabad (Food & Clubs)

1. Go Pub Hopping At Jubilee Hills

Catch live telecast of all major sports events @Xtreme Sports Bar & Grill

The Jubilee Hills in Hyderabad has some of the best pub in the city. If you are a party animal or love to visit pubs, a good way to spend the weekend is to go pub hopping.

You can start by first visiting Zero40 Brewing for hand crafted beer followed by a trip to Xtreme Sports Bar & Grill to catch all the live sporting action and then ending the crawl at Le Vantage Café Bar.

2. Go On A Street Food Crawl At Pragati Gully

Foodies will love eating breakfast at Pragati Gully (source)

Situated near Sultan Bazaar, Pragati Gully is one of the most prominent street food places in Hyderabad, especially for breakfast. Along the street you will find plenty of food stalls dishing out fresh varieties of South Indian fare. Dosas, Idlis and Vadas are popular items served at the many food stalls on Pragati Gully.

There are also many filter coffee shops on the street. A visit here is the perfect way to begin your Saturday or Sunday morning.

3. Enjoy Biryani at Madina

Relish delicious biryani at Al Madina in Hyderabad (source)

Madina in Hyderabad is a hotbed for biryani. At this street, the food stalls serve the most delicious biryani you will get in Hyderabad. It is located close to Charminar market, so it is frequented by shoppers who come to enjoy hot, delicious biryani. The Al Madina hotel in the area is very famous for its biryani.

4. Hang Out With Your Buddies At The Las Vegas Diner

The Las Vegas Diner is popular with college kids (source)

A popular hangout spot for college students, the Las Vegas Diner has reasonably priced food and is spacious. The chilled out and energetic vibe of the place is a big hit with college students who throng the place, especially on the weekend to spend chill time.

While you are here, do not forget to sample on their special Belgian Chocolate Shake that is extremely delicious. The place is easily recognizable by its huge Las Vegas sign board.

Weekend Activities in Hyderabad (Forts)

5. Catch a Live Gig At Hard Rock Café

Enjoy the best live music at HRC, Hyderabad (source)

Music lovers often drop by to the Hard Rock Café on a Saturday or Sunday evening to catch a live gig. The experience of a listening to  live gig at the HRC is something amazing.

With a great sound system and a host of the best bands and artists performing, your night is guaranteed to be fun. While here, do not forget to bite into their legendary burgers, available in chicken and vegetarian options.

Weekend Activities in Hyderabad (Art, History & Culture)

6. Sound & Light Show at Golconda Fort

The Sound & Light Show at Golconda is a must-see event (source)

The laser light show at Golconda is the highlight activity at the fort. The show runs for about an hour and is narrated by the legendary Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan. There’s music by Jagjit Singh playing in the background and the laser lighting is spectacular to watch.

The show takes you back in time and gives you a brief, yet insightful history about the fort and its rulers. The show is a must visit for anyone who loves Indian history and culture.

  • Location: Makki Darwaza Road

7. Watch A Play At Lamakaan

Watch a live play at the Lamakaan cultural centre (source)

Culture and art lovers looking for something to do on the weekend can visit Lamakaan. The place is haven for art and culture, there are many live music events and poetry reading sessions held here.

The most popular events at Lamakaan are plays. It has hosted some iconic plays and has seen some of the best theatre personalities in India perform.

8. Go On A Heritage Trail

Visit the Old City on the heritage trail (source)

Hyderabad Trails organises heritage trails that take you to some of the Hyderabad’s most historic sites. These walking trails are conducted on the weekend, most of the time.

While there is an entry fee for most walks, some of the trails are free. Check out the Hyderabad Trails Facebook page for trail schedules and exact cost.

  • Location: All over Hyderabad

9. Visit the Salar Jung Museum

Feast your eyes on great artefacts at the Salar Jung Museum

A good way to spend a Saturday or a Sunday in Hyderabad is by visiting the Salar Jung Museum. Rich in culture and history, the museum accommodates many artefacts from India, Asia, Europe and America.

Spend the day here exploring all the exhibits at the 39 museum rooms here. After you have seen all the exhibits, go for a nice meal to the Turkish Doner Kebab corner that is located nearby.

  • Location: Salar Jung Road

Weekend Activities in Hyderabad (Amusement/Adventure)

10. Water Rolling at Odyssey Wonder

Water Rolling at Odyssey Wonder

If you are looking for something exciting to do on the weekend, it is a good idea to visit the Odyssey Wonder Park in Hyderabad. The adventure park is home to water rolling, a unique water sport in India, that is slowly gaining in popularity. At the pool here, you can enjoy rolling in a balloon for a few rounds. If you’re keen on a few more adventure games, try your hand at zorbing or climb up an inflatable wall.

11. Visit An Indoor Trampoline Park

Have a thrilling weekend at Sky Zone Trampoline ParkHave a thrilling weekend at Sky Zone Trampoline Park (source)

If you love adventure sports or are looking for something different to do other than partying on the weekend, visit a trampoline park.

Located in the heart of the city, the Sky Zone Park is Hyderabad’s first indoor trampoline park. The park is great for kids, and adults, too, if you like bouncing around.

12. Go on a One-Day Trek

Devarakonda is a popular hiking trail near Hyderabad (source)

On weekends, adventure lovers from Hyderabad head out to the Devarakonda hills that is located about a 100 kilometres. The hiking trail at Devarakonda is fairly easy and scenic. These are the primary reason why the hills are popular. At the top of the hill is an old ruined fort that is worth seeing.

13. Watch a 4D FX film at Prasad’s

Enjoy watching a 4D FX film at Prasads (source)

This weekend, spend some time watching a movie at India’s first 4D FX cinema. The cinema at Prasads offers a unique viewing experience. A great place to head to with the kids.

14. Spend An Early Morning Around Lotus Pond

Located in the heart of the city, this pond is frequented by locals looking to soak in the fresh air and enjoy the vast open spaces. You could also head over here for a morning walk.

It does gets crowded on the weekends, but there’s enough space for everyone. Once you’ve enjoyed  long, one-hour walk, head out to the House of Dosas for a nice South Indian breakfast.

15. Visit the Wonderla Amusement Park

Visit the Wonderla Amusement Park for thrilling rides (source)

When the weekend arrives, there is nothing like indulging in a little adventure. For your adventure fix, visit the Wonderla Adventure Park. The place has the most thrilling rides, that is the perfect source for excitement and fun. The most popular ride here is the Recoil, a reverse looping roller coaster that’s not for the faint hearted.

  • Location: Outer Ring Road

Hyderabad offers visitors and locals with plenty of things to do over the weekend. However, if you are looking for exciting things to do during the weekend, we suggest you indulge in any of the following activities mentioned above. If you are still looking for more things to do on the weekend, we would be happy to help you with suggestions. All you need to do is ask us about what kind of activity you are interested in and we will tell you some cool things to do. Send us your questions in the comments section below.