What do Turks think of Persians

Persian people descended from Aryans that migrated from Central Asia into what is now Iran. While the history you state is valid, it is incomplete in that it does not take into account the number of people that migrated to other lands, or the fact that Persian is more than just a country identity, but an ethnic one. Iran has two major ethnic groups...Persian and Iranian.

“Persians” refers to the people speaking the Western dialect of Persian and living in the modern Iran. The majority of Iranians (51%) are Persians. The others, identified by thier country of origin; for example, Iranian Kurds, Iranian Arabs; are simply called Iranian.

Tajiks, Farsiwan, Tats, Kizilbash, and Hazara people are also ethnic Persians. They can be found in such diverse places as Afghanistan and China.

Iran, and Iranian, derives from Arya/Aryan...it means "land of the Aryans"....yes, the peoples of Iran as well as those of India, Afghanistan and Iraq to name the most well known are descendants of Persians.