What distinguishes a diorite from a granite

What is the Difference between Granite Marble Basalt Diorite Gabbro Rhyolite Quartz Silestone

There are many kinds of minerals and rocks found in the world. They are different from each other in terms of shape, chemistry and color. Many rocks like granite, diorite, gabbros, rhyolite and basalt are names of similar looking, but really different rocks. Lets have a look on the difference between them.


Diorite is a grey to dark color rock material. It is an intrusive igneous rock. It is composed of various materials like plagioclase, pyroxene and biotitic. It also contains some amount of quartz.


It is a well-known intrusive and igneous rock. It is widely used material. Its texture is medium to coarse-grained. It contains at least 20% quartz.


It is also a common extrusive volcanic rock. It is black and grey in color. It is fine-grained rock because it cools the lava rapidly on the surface of planet.


It is a large group of rocks, which are dark black in color. They are coarse-grain igneous rock. It is equivalent to the basalt.


It is also known an igneous rock composed of 69% sio2. It is glassy in texture. It has a resemblance to granite.


It is the second most found mineral on the earth. It is composed of silicon oxygen tetrahedral. There are different verities of quartz in all over the world.


Marble is the type of rock that consists of carbonate minerals, mostly re-crystallized. The major constituent of these minerals is either dolomite or calcite.


Silestone is a building material that is a mixture of some man-made products and crushed stone. Silestone is available in wide range of colors, shapes and used for various home-based and industrial decoration and construction purposes.

Granite vs Marble vs Basalt vs Diorite vs Gabbro vs Rhyolite vs Quartz vs Silestone

The difference between diorite and granite is that, diorite is an extrusive rock composed of various materials. It is dark in color. While, granite is an intrusive grey color rock. It also has 20% quartz in its composition. Difference between gabbros and basalt is, gabbros are a large group of dark color rocks composed of different chemicals. While basalt is an extrusive common volcanic rock which cools the lava rapidly. Similarly, marble is a calcite-based re-crystallized rock in contrast to Silestone that is regenerated man-made building material. Difference between rhyiolite and quartz is that, rhyolite is an igneous rock composed of 69% SIO2, and resemble with granite. While quartz is a second most, found mineral on the earth.

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