What delicious dishes are there for vegans

Veganism may have been invented in the West, but there are very few countries in that region (or elsewhere in the world) where the traditional cuisine can fit in vegans without any major sacrifices on either part. That's, thankfully, not the case with India.

India has emerged as quite the destination for vegans from across the world, because even though Indian vegetarians do consume many animal-based products--from paneer to dahi, and ghee to cream--there are so many dishes that are easily available, and yet, totally vegan.

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Don't believe us? Take a look at a few of these traditional Indian dishes that can be every vegan's ultimate delight.

1. Puri sabji

Unless you're making that aloo ki sabji with ghee, or adding ghee in the puri dough (which people usually don't), this Indian dish is completely vegan. What's more, it's so delicious that it's considered to be a meal option for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And, it's available at every street corner in most Indian cities.

Puri sabji. Picture courtesy: Pinterest

2. Masala Dosa

Think about this South Indian gem, and you'll know just how vegan it is. The dosa dough is made of fermented rice and lentils, and the stuffing prepared with potatoes. No animal products go into the making of this dish, and that's why every vegan can have it.

Masala dosa. Picture courtesy: Pinterest

3. Pakora

Pakoras are so common that one can find them being made in every household and at every street corner. The crunchy treats are completely vegan, because they are usually made with vegetables dipped in a gram flour and water batter, and fried in vegetable oil. Even the chutneys that go with this dish are vegan!

Pakora. Picture courtesy: Pinterest

4. Dal

Ask anybody who cooks dal for their mals every day, and you'll know exactly what this dish is made of--a lentil, washed and soaked in water, then boiled in water with a choice of spices and salt. No animal-based products, anywhere, unless you're making dal makhni that is. Since rice, rotis and puris are a safe bet for vegans, they can totally indulge in dal with any of these.

Dal. Picture courtesy: Pinterest

5. Golgappa/panipuri

It's true! Whether you call them phuchka or golgappa or panipuri doesn't matter, because this Indian street food variety is totally vegan. The crunchy shells are made of semolina, the stuffing with potatoes, chickpeas and spices, and the water with tamarind and chaat masala. Every vegan just got more reason to eat golgappas, didn't they?

Pani puri. Picture courtesy: Pinterest

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6. Kachori

Who doesn't love indulging in kachoris? They're crunchy, golden-brown, and you can never say no to them. But have you ever paused to wonder that every ingredient that goes into making kachoris is approved of by the vegans? Pair it with some sabji or chutney, and you have a yummy vegan meal to indulge in.

Kachoris. Picture courtesy: Pinterest

7. Veg pulao

Rice, veggies, dry fruits and some spices--that's what makes a pulao stand out, and completely vegan. Pulaos come in many varieties across India, and almost all of them are vegan-friendly. And that's why every vegan must try some veg pulao for a meal.

Kashmiri pulao. Picture courtesy: Pinterest

8. Chhole Masala

You can have it with rice, roti, puri, bhature, kulchas and pulaos--and that's not all that makes chhole masala such an amazing dish. Made with chickpeas, onions, ginger, garlic and lots of spices, chhole masala is the ultimate delight for vegans who love spicy food.

Chhole masala. Picture courtesy: Pinterest

These dishes are literally just the tip of the iceberg on what India and its rich culinary culture has to offer vegans. Is it any wonder then that vegans, whether they're Indian or from other nations, never go hungry in India?

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