What countries dont even have roads

Maine is known for the outdoors, but maybe you’ve had enough with scenic mountains, hikes, and beach views.

Is there anything else to do in Maine?

You better believe there is!

These are some things to do in Maine that don’t have anything to do with the outdoors. No hiking involved!


The most famous lighthouse is probably Portland Head Lighthouse or the one right outside of the city.

Maine has dozens of them (that’s why they’re on the cover of every book, magazine, and blogpost talking about the state).

Some allow you to go inside, but the most famous ones don’t. Some of them have been renovated for people to live in them and it’s actually tresspassing to get close.

Pemaquid Point Lighthouse is one you can actually go inside and see the view.

L.L. Bean

Freeport is where the shopping is. Even if you’re not interested in hiking, fishing, hunting, boating, kayaking, etc. there is still so much you can see at L.L. Bean.

Don’t forget the giant boot.

Anything you buy there has a lifetime guarentee. That means if something breaks, even from 5 years from when you bought it, you can return it without an problem.

That’s why everyone loves it!

So check out some L.L. Bean products if you make it to Freeport.


Throughout Portland are some amazing breweries.

While Maine doesn’t have as many as Vermont, if you’re into alcohol then New England is the place to go.

They were settled by the Irish in the 1860’s.


I can’t put into justice how many museums are in Maine and which ones specifically to go to. Pemaquid Point Lighthouse has one right in it.

There is the Maine College of Art, no pens allowed when you visit that one!

In small towns along country roads that town is definetly going to have a museum talking about the area and things that have happened there from centuries to thousands of years ago.

Stephen King’s House

Celebrities don’t ever give away their home address, but for some reason we all know where Stephen King lives.

In Bangor, Maine in a beautiful Victorian house painted bright red, it’s there.

If you do anything creepy I’m sure the police will be called on you so don’t ruin it and enjoy your stay in Bangor.