What companies will IPO in 2013

Mainline IPO's in Year 2013 - IPO Report & Analysis

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This IPO report provides information about the Mainline IPO's came in to India stock market (at BSE and NSE) in calendar year 2013. The report tells the amount raised by companies in India through public offerings in primary stock market in 2013.

This report answers some of the popular questions by stock market investors:

  • How many Mainline IPOs came in to market in year 2013?
  • Compare the size of initial public offers came in 2013?
  • 2013 List of Mainline IPO's in India
  • 2013 Initial Public Offer at BSE and NSE
  • Big Mainline IPO offerings in 2013
  • Initial public offering list 2013

Summary of Mainline IPO Market Activities in 2013

  • Calendar Year: 2013
  • Total Issue Succeeded: 3
  • Total Issue Failed: 2
  • Total Money Raised: 1,283.95

Mainline IPO's in Year 2013

Issuer CompanyIssue OpenIssue CloseIssue
Issue Size
(Crore Rs.)
Issue Price
Listing Day
Close Price

V-Mart Retail Ltd IPO

Feb 1, 2013Feb 5, 2013BB94.42210.00203.3

Feb 11, 2013Feb 13, 2013BB

Repco Home Finance Ltd IPO

Mar 13, 2013Mar 15, 2013BB270.39172.00161.8

Apr 25, 2013May 3, 2013BB

Just Dial Ltd IPO

May 20, 2013May 22, 2013BB919.14530.00612.35


  • Striked '' represents that the initial public offer (IPOs) was withdrawn and didn't list in the stock market.
  • BB = 100% Book Building Issue, FP = Fixed Price Issue
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