What can you expect at PUMA internship

The First Day

This is a journal for the summer of '08 that I'll be spending in Boston interning at PUMA as a web designer. A lot of things are happening this summer: the internship, living in Boston, my new nikon, a trip across Italy, a Second Life start-up, and the inevitable college transfer decisions. Technically, the documentation is part of the work I need to do to receive academic credit for this internship, but at the same time it's going to be a really hectic summer and should be interesting (I hope) to write about. Be warned: don't expect a good blog layout any time soon until I get settled in next fall semester.

The Background: I'm currently a rising sophomore at Carnegie Mellon University. Yes I got an internship at PUMA as a freshman, but don't expect a magical story behind this though, it was more like applying to 1,000+ internship postings and coming through with 999 rejections and one amazing offer. I just internally transfered from the college of art to the college of design and also just received an acceptance letter from Columbia University (to go or not to go....) and am waiting on a decision from Upenn. I'm spending the summer up on Beacon Hill with my boyfriend Ryan who also has an internship in Boston. Despite being in beacon hill the place we're staying is kind of ghetto, for lack of a better word. We have to share the bathroom with another room and you can hear every single noise outside of our window. Luckily this is only a temporary location and we're moving to a different part of Beacon Hill after a week.

First Impressions: Ever watched Devil Wear Prada? PUMA is like that....but with shoes. The headquarters is located in this humongous building/revamped warehouse called the Design Center (which, of course, was written in Helvetica and stainless steel). The whole building is full of ridiculouslyhigh-end interior design stores and is right on the coast. PUMA is located on the top floor, which it shares with Samuel Adams (there is allegedly a bar in there department). The place is a lot more than I expected, which I envisioned as a standard corporate office environment. First off, there are shoes...everywhere, including a gigantic cardboard box filled to the brim with them. I don't really know why they need to have the actual products there but it's still sweet. They also have a large closet full of PUMA apparel a la Devil Wears Prada and a bunch of the PUMA bicycles (the new foldable/glow-in-the-dark ones). Instead of cubicles there are hexicles(?), one of which is mine, and everyone works on macs rather than the ugly pc's I see everywhere at Carnegie Mellon. I'd like to say more but I'm afraid I'd infringe on the secrecy contract and have a sniper take me out.

I'm working under Chad Abel as a web design intern. He made puma.com and a lot of the other web interfaces. For the first day I was given some pretty basic stuff to work on, just some merchandising graphics for the online store. A lot of today was just meeting people and getting situated with the whole environment, as well as getting acquainted with PUMA's "branding image and goals." I've been playing with the websites a lot and familiarizing myself with all of PUMA's different projects. The websites are actually very interactive and fun and it'll be really interesting to work on them this summer. Check out PUMA's shoe customization website or Alexander McQueen/Puma's store to get freaked out by a "mancat".

Anyway, I'm out, see ya tomorrow.

P.S it is false advertising to say you are open 24-7 when you're not, I'm talking to you Store 24.