What are the best things about 90s

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It’s true, the 90’s are the new 80’s. Although some of this stuff seems like just a decade ago, we are working on 20 years now. A lot of these things no longer exist, but when I go back and look at how much fun we had with the simplest of things, I wish I could put my iPhone away for a day and take a trip back. How weird would it be now to write an actual letter and send it through snail mail? Or spend an entire day looking for Waldo? Although I didn’t realize it then, I LOVED the 90’s!!

You may not remember all of these things, but they were all things that I remember from my childhood. Although I found hundreds of great memories while doing research for this article, I narrowed it down to 50 of my favorite.

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1. Mad Libs

2. MTV Music Videos

3. Nickelodeon Slime