What are BotFly symptoms

Botflies are large, it has stout bodies and are hairy flies that can be sometimes be associated with bumblebees. Mosquitoes and other insects are the ones who deposits botfly eggs. Their larvae are considered as parasites to mammals. Some species of the botfly grows in its host’s flesh and other kinds of this grow within the gut.

Dermatobia hominis or also known as the human botfly, it is the specie of botfly that parasitize routinely the humans while other flies causes humans to have myiasis.

Botfly symptoms in the skin include the appearance of a boil that is large and white on skin. This is the area where the larvae had burrowed. This will eventually swell and as the larva grows, it will then become more painful.

There are several ways on how to remove the botfly in the body wherein this can be done at home and with the help of medical doctors. This larva cannot be easily removed because around the midsection of its body, there are spines that are strongly hooked that run in circular rings. However, there are still ways in removing it.

People that had an immediate contact with it uses alcohol and some uses a duct tape which help in cutting off the air supply of the larvae. Some applies pressure carefully to it but then there is high risk that the larva is killed that will lead to infection.

But then it is still best to consult the doctor to ensure that it has been removed successfully without remaining anything that might cause infection. Some physicians use a venom extractor that will remove easily the larvae that has common components with the treatment used for snake bites. Another medical treatment is by suffocating the grub wherein in the surrounding blister; there is an air hole that will then be sealed off by the use of petroleum jelly or any substance that has the same properties as the petroleum jelly. Surgical removal can be an option but it is costly if you don’t have any free healthcare, or it can be applicable if the person got infected by the parasite maybe while removing it at home or some malpractice of a doctor. It depends on you on what way you want to remove the botfly parasite in your body.

Allowing the larva to develop is they say is the least risky and the safest way of action because it will then be the one that will leave the body on its own. Disadvantage of this is that you will wait a long period of time especially when the botfly lodged in an unsightly location and very uncomfortable to have with, but then some people are willing to wait instead of doing of the said remedies. In general, the degree of the discomfort depends on where the larva is located.

The best way to avoid botflies is still in maintaining the surroundings clean and also keeping yourself clean anytime of the day. Always make sure that you clean the whole house, disinfect clothes, and sterilize utensils used at home. Following these simple tips will definitely help you avoid botflies not just these but also other species of flies and other parasites.

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