Was Franklin Roosevelt a bad president

FDR was convinced that falling prices were slowing economic recovery. So he decided that the thing to do was to get prices up. Now, when supply is limited, prices rise. To limit supply, FDR and his Secretary of Agriculture Henry Wallace, ordered the destruction of "excess" livestock, food crops, cotton and pretty much anything else American farmers produced thereby succeeding in raising prices on food and clothing at a time when a great many people were underfed and wearing rags.

FDR and company thought that a small "brain trust" could determine what quantity of production would bring things back in "balance". What arrogance and narcissism it must take to be capable of entertaining, let alone acting upon, such thoughts.

Also note that the Agricultural Adjustment Act (AAA) did not help in recovery in any way and left up to 2 million sharecroppers and farm laborers unemployed and the rest of the nation a little bit poorer and hungrier.

After the Supreme Court struck down the AAA and several other New Deal programs as unconstitutional, FDR attempted to pack the Supreme Court in a move that would have allowed him, via age discrimination, to immediately appoint 6 new justices and expand the size of the Court to 15.

FDR's attempt to resize the Court failed, but he did manage to bring about a hell of a constitutional crisis. Among the ultimate consequences is a Court that rarely lets trivial things such as the interstate commerce clause stand in the way of the expansion of the federal government's scope and authority.

FDR also refused to integrate the military (Truman did it in '48), provoked his way into WWII and, despite poor performance, maintained strong popular support by scapegoating his predecessor.

The unemployment rate for non-agricultural (urban) workers under FDR never dropped below 20% (the overall rate actually rose after Phase II) and there really is a good deal of evidence that the New Deal only served to prolong the Depression by 5-7 years.

The more time passes, the fewer nice things people have to say about FDR's policies.he could have saved millions of Jews during the holocaust, by allowing more than 20000 children in (though not all were allowed in anyway) or just simply bombing the tracks to aushwitz. not to mention when the newspaper would say 1000000 more die in Germany, it would normally contain few sentences and it would be in the corner of the back of the newspaper.