Should LeBron James leave Cleveland

There are pros to both sides.

Pros -> Stay In Cleveland

1) He stays in a city that loves, endears him, and it's also a part of his hometown.

2) He'll earned the loyalty batch that many greats like Jordan, Karl Malone, and Kobe have had playing for the same team throughout his career.

3) He'll have more say in every decision the Cavs make regarding personnel, coaching change, trading for players he wants more so than if he were to go somewhere else.

4) He still has a formidable team and won't have to starting over rebuilding chemistry and talent.

5) Cleveland can pay him more than any other team.

Pros -> Leaving Cleveland

1) He can pick and choose any team and they will welcome him with open arms.

2) He won't be stuck on a team filled with aging players who may decline in a few years.

3) He increases his odds of winning a championship (like Garnett) going to a team with much more young talent capable of supporting him and can build his own dynasty.

4) He'll have a choice of which coach he chooses play and bigger markets tend to have/attract more competent coaches.

5) Expanding into a bigger market allows him to pursuit his dreams of becoming the first sports athlete billionaire.

So do you think LeBron should stay in Cleveland if he wants to win that elusive championship?

BQ: What do you think of this video that the people of Cleveland got together and assembled for LeBron? Cheesy or touching?



Ostevieo - I'm assuming that you've already have a source confirming this conclusion?

Update 2:

Well said IAKNY. But on the other hand, there are players like Kevin Garnett who had to leave Minnesota in order to win his first title and also happened to be the team that ended LeBron's championship aspirations.

Update 3:

15 cent - Make that, "the 2nd sports athlete billionaire".

Update 4:

Big Chippy - I believe KG set an example that caused many current NBA stars like LeBron, Wade, Bosh, Melo to sign shorter contracts with their teams just so the team won't get complacent about maintaining the their competitive edge by not providing them with the necessary support they need to win a championship. If LeBron didn't sign a 3-year contract, would Dan Gilbert have traded for Shaq and Jamison?