Should Bengali Hindus get united against fundamentalists

In this article I will delve into the burning topic of radical Islamic Fundamentalism in West Bengal.

India is a secular country. Every religion is free to practice its own faith, without disturbing other. Almost every religion does that (co-exist) to some extent, except Islam and Christianity.

While Christians cleverly do their conversion deeds/ harvesting of souls in silence and in the guise of human rights activity, proponents of radical Islam are openly engaging in hostility against Hindus and in anti-national activities. The situation has been particularly grim in West Bengal, where the rise of Jihadi extremism is threatening Hindu way of life.

To understand the origin of Islamic Fundamentalism in West Bengal, I would recommend you to read West Bengal: the Enemy Within by Anirban Banerjee. I am presenting a summary below.

  • From 1977, Communist government starts supporting illegal immigrants from Islamic Bangladesh, to subvert electoral process.
  • Mass exodus of middle class Bengalis out of the state for education, business and career prospects.
  • Open persecution of Hindus (MarichJhapi massacre and Anada Margi butchery). This further encourages Islamists.
  • Illegal immigrants from Bangladesh bring radical Islam and jihadi mindset to West Bengal.
  • Communists gave militant Islam its space and justification for its acts of violence.
  • This was further nurtured by TMC which perceived as even more indulgent to fundamentalism.

Today's jihadist in West Bengal include 5 groups
  • Group 1 : Islamists from Bangladesh who came during communist regime
  • Group 2 : Islamists who are still coming from Bangladesh almost every other day
  • Group 3 : Offspring of Group 1 - second & third generation Bangladeshi fundamentalists.
  • Group 4 : Bihari, UP origin Sunni groups from Rajabazaar, Khidirpur, Metiaburz
  • Group 5 : Pakistani & other foreign Islamists who enter via Bangladesh

Together they are terrorizing West Bengal and trying to convert West Bengal into a hub of Islamic terrorism and radical jihadism.

To illustrate my point, below I present a fully curated list of the impact of Islamic Fundamentalism in West Bengal in terms of 5 aspects.
  • Attacks on Hindus by Islamists   
  • Hindu Festival Attacks by Islamists
  • Hindu Temple Vandalism by Islamists
  • Islamic Fundamentalism, Intolerance and Terrorism
  • Rape, Abduction and Love Jihad
  • Riots by Jihadis
It has taken me a lot of time to collect, classify and curate this massive list from different sources, as I wanted to make this an ultimate resource on the dangerous impact of Islamic Fundamentalism in West Bengal.

Please note that this is a work in process resource and as and when I get new updated information, I shall update this article.

Attacks on Hindus by Islamists 

Jul 2008 - Hindu Monk of Ramakrishna Order stripped and beaten mercilessly for Ashram land

Mar 2009 - 10 Hindu Homes Bombed and Looted in Chengail

Mar 2009 - Hindus Are Attacked in Hasnabad

Jun 2009 - Hindu Village, Club and School Attacked in South 24 Parganas District

Apr 2010 - Hindu Villagers Attacked by Muslim Mafia in Birbhum, West Bengal

Nov 2010 - Hindu SC Families Get Persecuted in Budge Budge

Nov 2010 - Islamist Mob Beats up Hindus in Kulpi, West Bengal

Dec 2010 - Hindus in Haroa Get Thrashed by Islamist Mob

Dec 2010 - Violence Against Hindus Continues in Joynagar

Jan 2011 - Joynagar - Muslims Demolish Hindu Furniture Shop

Apr 2011 - Hindus tortured in Kumarjole, Minakha

Jan 2012 - Hindus in Kalyanpur persecuted brutally

Jul 2012 - Islamists ransack Siakhala, Hooghly

Dec 2012 - Armed Islamists Injure Hindus In Choto Mohora, Amta For Stopping Cow Slaughtering

Mar 2013 - Hindu businessman thrashed, his office smashed in Diamond Harbor

Mar 2013 - Hindus under Islamic Siege in Khoyrasole, Birbhum

Apr 2013 - Hindu persecution in East Midnapore

Apr 2013 - Muslim Radicals attempt to seize Hindu land in Mandirbazar

Apr 2013 - Muslim radicals wreak havoc on Hindus in Bagnan, Howrah

May 2013 - Properties Belonging To Hindus Under Siege In Basanti

May 2013 - Muslim criminals attack Hindu village in Diamond Harbor for hooking electricity

Jan 2014 - Hindu shops destroyed in Kultali, South 24 Paraganas

Mar 2014 - Muslim procession on Viswa Nabi Divas unleashes terror on Hindus in Panchla, Howrah

May 2014 - Attack on Hindu villagers by Islamists for celebrating Narendra Modi swearing

May 2014 - Muslims from Imam Nagar Village attack Hindu couple in neighboring village

Jan 2015 - Muslims vandalized Hindu areas and business at Usthi in West Bengal

May 2015 - Hindu shop under attack of Muslim miscreants at Joynagar

May 2015 - Hindus are under attack of jihadis at Hanskhali, Nadia

Jul 2015 - Islamist Settlers Wipe Out Hindu Tribal Villages in North Dinajpur

Jun 2015 - Hindu shops been attacked, ransacked & looted in Basirhat

Jun 2015 - Massive attack on Hindus in Burdwan District


Hindu Festival Attacks by Islamists 

Jun 2008 - Islamists Atatcks Hindus in Pilgrimage Site (Ganga Sagar)

Nov 2008 - Kali Puja Procession attacked in Uluberia, Howrah

Nov 2008 - Uluberia - Muslim mob obstructs Jagaddhatri Puja procession, police beat up Hindus

Jun 2009 - Hindu Festival Attacked in West Bengal

Oct 2010 - Puja Pandal Attacked in Basanti

Oct 2010 - Puja Pandal Attacked in Basanti

Jan 2011 - Mayapur Pilgrims Looted by Muslim Gangs

Feb 2011 - Islamists Wreck Saraswati Puja in Bengal

Apr 2011 - Muslims defile Dol Purnima fair in Mayapur

Jan 2015 - Jihadi Muslims vandalized Saraswati idol and National Flag in Kharagpur in West Bengal.

Oct 2015 - Durga immersion procession under attack at Maldah.

Oct 2015 - Muhharum Violence Ripped Through Kaligram Air During Durga Puja

Nov 2015 - Kali Puja pandals are under attack at Howrah

Nov 2015 - 25 idols of Maa Kali are desecrated at Hooghly, WB

Mar 2015 - Holi procession under attack near Chanchol

Hindu Temple Vandalism by Islamists 


Apr 2009 - Hindu Temple Attacked by Islamic Mob in Rampurhat

Dec 2009 - Three Hindu Temples attacked and damaged by Muslims in Park Circus in Kolkata


Dec 2010 - Kali Temple Attacked in Rampurhat, Hindu Shops Vandalized

Feb 2011 - Hindu Temple Desecrated, Destroyed in Sankrail

Mar 2011 - Bhebia temples looted, desecrated yet again!

Apr 2011 - Muslims defile Hindu temples, assault Hindus in Mallikpur

May 2011 - Muslim perpetrators find chances to attack Hindu Temples

Sep 2011 - Hindu Deities’ heads severed in Moukhali, Mograhat

Sep 2011 - Lord Vishwakarma deity destroyed in Howrah

Sep 2011 - Kali temple desecrated in Diamond Harbour

Mar 2012 - Hindu temple bombed, destroyed in Ghutiari Sharif

Apr 2012 - Kali Temple looted, desecrated in Shantipur

Nov 2012 - Hindu temple defiled in Shantipur, Nadia

Dec 2012 - Hindu Icons Desecrated in South 24 Parganas

Jan 2013 - Hindu temple robbed in Hasnabad

Jan 2013 - Two Kali temples robbed in Hedia, Jibantala

Apr 2013 - Islamic attempts to rob ancient Shyamchand Temple

May 2013 - Muslim radicals planning to destroy Kali temple, build mosque there at Baruipur

Oct 2015 - Hindu Religious Deities of Durga Puja Desecrated In Sodepur, West Bengal

 Islamic Fundamentalism, Intolerance and Terrorism

Sep 2008 - Muslim mob prevents Hindus from building a Kali Temple in their own land

Oct 2010 - Communal Tensions Flare Up in Katwa, Burdhwan Dist

Dec 2010 - Muslim Fundamentalists Obstruct Kali Puja in Beledanga,West Bengal

Nov 2014 - Jamiat holds Kolkata hostage, President Pranab Mukherjee forced to change route

Feb 2015 - Bengal Laden held in Burdwan Blast and Jihadi Madrasa Connection

Sep 2015 - Brutal Murder At Baduria by Islamist

Sep 2015 - Communal tension at Deganga

Aug 2015 - Communal tension at Purbasthali, Bardhaman

Aug 2015 - Islamists Block Sealdah Region in Kolkata

Mar 2015 - Serious communal tension at Baruipur

Rape, Abduction and Love Jihad

Mar 2009 - Hindu girl Abducted by Muslims in Joynagar


Apr 2011 - Hindu minor girl raped by Muslim fanatic

Nov 2011 - Hindu Girl stabbed by jilted Muslim lover, another gangraped by 4 Islamists in Kakinara

Sep 2012 - Hindu Doctor in Barast beaten to death by Islamists when trying to prevent rape

Sep 2013 - Housewife gang-raped, murdered in Dhapdhapi

May 2014 - 11 year old Hindu girl gang raped by Islamists in Bahadidanga village

May 2014 - Gangrape of newly Hindu woman by Islamists in Dattapara, Swarupnagar District

May 2014 - 25 year old Hindu housewife kidnapped raped for 5 days by Islamists in North Dinajpur

Sep 2014 - ‘Abducted’ Bengal Hindu girl killed hanged by Muslim Love Jihadist in a Delhi hotel.

Dec 2014 - Hindu girl student set on fire for resisting 'Love Jihad' in Howrah

Feb 2015 - Bengali Hindu girl raped and tortured by a Muslim man in Hooghly District

Aug 2015 - Rape Jihad In Khanakul

Jul 2015 - Love Jihad in Howrah district


Riots by Jihadis

Jul 2009 - Murshidabad Riot - Authentic Source

May 2010 - Panchthupi Riots, Hindus attacked in Murshidabad again

Jun 2010 - Fierce communal clashes going on in Farakka


Sep 2010 - Deganga Burns - Hindu Temples Descecrated; Hindu Markets Looted

Sep 2010 - Deganga Riot Pics – September 2010

Jan 2015 - Muslim mobs go on rampage in Usti, West Bengal

May 2015 - 5 Killed, Over 8 Injured in Communal Clashes in Nadia District, West Bengal

May 2015 - NADIA KALIGANJ RIOT ON 4th MAY 2015 A brief report


As we can see, Islamic Fundamentalism in West Bengal is a serious issue. Hindus are suffering at the hands of Jihadists, yet there is ABSOLUTELY NO media coverage. 

In one of my earlier articles, I have mentioned that the demography of West Bengal is changing fast as it moves towards rapid Islamization, that too, of the fundamentalist jihadi kind. 

By 2050, Bengali Hindus would become extinct in Bangladesh  and a minority in West Bengal, similar to Kashmiri Hindu and Kashmiri Pandit families. 

Let us hope that does not happen.

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