Is using prostitutes normal in Turkey

When I was over there (1958-59) and 17 years old, the Turk's had an area called, "The Compound". The idea was that if a woman was sent to jail, they could work in this compound and satisfy any man who came in for pleasures on Saturday's.

Some of my "friends" who went to the compound said the one in Ankara (where we were) was nothing more than dirty cave's in a mountain. But, the one in Istanbul had a building with rooms and alot cleaner.

I can't remember if any girls worked the streets, because the

Turk's have a team of "Oscar's" who walk all over town looking for any problems to clear-up. And, the way they would work is to walk-up and smack you in the head with their Nightsticks !!!

So, I don't think many girls would want to go thru that (especially so when after the beating they were sent to the "compound"... phew !!!).

Keep asking your question because someone may have 1st hand knowledge of what's going on.

P.S. (A little story) There is a ring over there called, "The Turkish Wedding Band". There are many different styles, but the most common is 4 bands interwoven. The idea is that if a wife were to make love to someone other than her husband, she would take her ring off and place it on the bed. Naturally, all that activity would cause the ring to bounce off and end up (dis-assembled) on the floor. The only person in the village who knew how to put the ring back together again was the local priest. So, when the wife would present the ring to the priest all broken apart, he would know she had been unfaithfull to her husband and would be punished. Some Turk's have "4" wife's !!

The Turk's have some very different ways of doing things, but, they don't change many routines because that the way things have been for 5 or 6 thousand years !!!

Remember, Noah and his family were the first to arrive in Turkey, many-many years ago.

P.S. #2 The Turk's make some fantastic meals using Lamb.

If you ever get a chance to try some of their foods, go for it !