Is Taylor Swift immature


and I'll tell you why.

From back when she dated Joe Jonas and their relationship ended, I didn't like her as a person because of just how over the top and ridiculous she acted about it. Yes, its sad when a breakup happens and sometimes it just comes out of nowhere but is that a reason to constantly ***** and get on interviews still to this day and talk **** about it all? Oh well, the relationship didn't work out so move on and just get over it already. The fact that she writes about every single man she dates and what happens with them is immature to me. Yea, music is about being relatable and putting emotions good and bad into it, however theres a time when it starts to get boring and old. -______-

Its pathetic.

It makes me wonder why any man would want to date her because she comes across as a very needy and clingy person and ultimately I think THATS why she experiences breakups so much. No man wants to be with a childish woman. Yes she has some talent but other then that she needs to GROW UP and realize that life isn't a fairytale and/or fantasy. Prince Charmings WILL mess up, that doesn't mean they are a diiick.

Well that's about it lol