Is Subramanian Swamy satisfied with Modis economy

NEW DELHI: There was no immediate riposte from BJP MP Subramanian Swamy after Prime Minister Narendra Modi admonished him - albeit without naming him - on Monday on national television for his "fondness for publicity".

The irrepressible Rajya Sabha MP, though, couldn't wait longer than a day to allude to the PM's comments.

So, on Wednesday, he tweeted:

There's no doubt about what he was referring to.

Swamy has been publicly attacking RBI governor Raghuram Rajan, and in recent days, he's attacked Chief Economic Advisor Arvind Subramanian, economic affairs secretary Shaktikanta Das and even Finance Minister Arun Jaitley.

In an interview to Times Now on Monday, the PM made it clear that he completely disapproves of his party's MP making disparaging comments about the outgoing RBI governor and others.

"Whether it is in my party or not, still I think such things are inappropriate. This fondness for publicity is never going to do any good to the nation. People should conduct themselves with utmost responsibility. If anybody considers himself above the system, it is wrong," the Prime Minister told Times Now.

The interviewer Arnab Goswami then commented, saying, "That's a very clear message."

And PM Modi concurred. "I have a very clear message. I have no two minds about it."

Following the PM's interview, the BJP MP - who regularly takes to Twitter to lambast a lot of things - made no comments about it for the whole of Tuesday, save for one mysterious, semi-philosophical tweet.

In the meanwhile, the opposition had a field day after clips of the PM's interview began to air.

Without mentioning Swamy, the Congress party said on Monday the MP is is "nuclear fissile material" brought into Parliament by the ruling BJP, and who will cause the BJP to implode.

"They have brought nuclear fissile material in Parliament and kept it there. It will implode them. (Finance Minister Arun) Jaitley is feeling being imploded", party spokesman Kapil Sibal told reporters.