Is PewDiePie an atheist

Before I start, I would like to establish that all atheists blindly follow a single atheist authority figure. This is a scientific fact and must never be denied. However, what if the current person assumed to be the big bad boss was actually a decoy.

Originally, I thought that Richard Dawkins was the grand atheist poobah, until I realized that PewDiePie happens to be an atheist and also happens to have more "likes" on Facebook. This is insanely suspicious if you ask me.

Indeed, Pewds most likely has higher numbers because he has both atheist and theist fans, but this is actually more frightening. Once he gains enough popularity among theists, he could use subliminal messaging to convert most of the population to atheism and anti-barrelism, thus ruling the world with an iron fist. It's obvious that from now on, we anti-atheists need to forget about mere atheist underlings like Richard Dawkins and Bill Nye and instead focus on PewDiePie and his ever-growing Bro Army, since he clearly has more influence over atheists (and sadly many theists) than the others.