Is nudity a form of art

Nudity in Art vs Pornography

Art is the process of using one’s skills in creating and sharing objects, experiences, and conditions which stimulates the thoughts, emotions, and beliefs of the audience through their senses.

People have been creating works of art since ancient times as evidenced by the many artifacts uncovered in ruins of ancient civilizations. The way that they were presented has shown modern man how the skills of the artists were developed and how art evolved through the years. The subjects of art can be diverse. They may be of nature, man, geometric patterns, animals, religion, or man’s day-to-day life. One very controversial subject in art is nudity.

The human body has been one of the main subjects for artists. In ancient times, especially in Greek art, the nude male human body was the most common subject. Today, one of the first subjects that artists paint is the nude female body.

Nudity has been a favorite subject in paintings, sculptures, and photography. The practice probably started with the depictions of gods and goddesses in ancient paintings. Since they were deities, they wore none or little clothes, and it was but natural to paint them as such.

Today, however, there is a question of when nudity is considered an art or can be considered as pornography. Pornography is the depiction of the human body for the purpose of erotic and sexual arousal. It can be found in the different types of media: magazines, books, photographs, animation, films, recordings, videos, drawings, sculptures, and paintings. In fact, ancient nude works of art were considered unfit to be displayed by the 19th century people who have uncovered them.

They were, however, made and seen as works of art by those who created them. It is only in recent times that the thin line between nudity in art and pornography has been drawn even closer.

The difference lies in each individual’s perception and interpretation of the subject. It is important to note that nudity in art is intended to let people appreciate the beauty of the human body.

Pornography, on the other hand, is intended to arouse the sexual feelings of individuals and the audience. Models pose in such a way that their expressions convey sexuality and eroticism.


1.Nudity in art has been an accepted subject since ancient times while pornography is an unacceptable expression which has been developed in later years.
2.Nudity in art is natural and is meant to let the audience appreciate the human body while pornography is intentionally done to arouse sexual feelings in the audience.
3.Models of nude artworks pose naturally and do not convey any eroticism while pornographic models have expressions and poses that are erotic and sexually arousing.
4.Nudity in art is accepted in society while nudity in pornography is seen as inappropriate and is banned in most societies.
5.In some cases, what one person may view as art might be viewed as pornography by another depending upon how the presentation affects the audience.

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