Is MDF or Pine better for baseboards

Medium density fiberboard (MDF) and pine wood are two common baseboard materials. After installation, they look exactly the same. So does it matter? Is it better to install MDF or pine baseboards?


Pine baseboards are better. Whether solid or finger-jointed, pine is a better baseboard material than MDF. MDF baseboards are half the cost of solid pine but a little more expensive than finger-jointed pine.


Pine is real wood that is stronger than MDF because of its grain. MDF is essentially artificial wood and is weaker. Under perfect conditions, MDF is fine. But the floor area near baseboards is rarely perfect. Using MDF for high-impact areas like door and window trim and baseboards makes little sense. If there is ever a place where you want to prioritize stronger trim materials, it’s here.


  • MDF Baseboards: Medium density fiberboard (MDF) is a mix of sawdust, wood chips, and binders. Imagine a dried-up bowl of oatmeal. That’s a good representation of MDF. Ranking MDF baseboards lower than pine baseboards is pretty easy: MDF is crumbly, heavy, and a potential victim of moisture.
  • Pine Baseboards (Solid, Continuous Wood): Continuous grain pine is what you think of when you think of “real wood.” It is one continuous length of wood, no joints, no glue.
  • Pine Baseboards (Finger-Jointed): Finger-jointed means several smaller lengths of pine that are factory-joined. If you see a piece of wood where one grain ends and another grain picks up again, this is the tell-tale sign of finger-jointed wood.

Price Comparison

A price snapshot of baseboards of the same profile and look, 8′ long by 3.25″ high:

  • Finger-Jointed Pine:  $3.50
  • MDF:  $4.50
  • Solid Pine:  $10
  • PVC:  $10


There are a few reasons you may want to choose MDF baseboards over pine:

  • No Priming, Painting: MDF baseboards always come primed white. While priming is not the same as painting, in a pinch it can serve as “paint.”
  • Cost: MDF is cheap, but not always as cheap as it is represented. MDF is cheaper than PVC and solid pine, but more expensive than finger-jointed pine.
  • Predictability: Because MDF is 100% manufactured, there are no surprises that await users of natural wood, such as knots and cracks. MDF is completely homogeneous.
  • Easier to Discard: For temporary construction, MDF baseboards are easy to remove and discard. They break up by hand into small sections.

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