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KPop or K-Pop is short for “Korean Pop”. It can refer to the whole of popular music in Korea, but is often used in a narrower sense to describe the genre that has dominated the Korean music market for about the last 20 years. This genre incorporates elements of western pop, dance, electronic, R&B and Hip Hop – but after years of experience music makers & producers in South Korea know how to “home-make” successful hits with a distinctive sound  different from it’s formerly western roots.

Mini History Guide

Like many South-Asian countries the area of today’s South Korea underwent a series of foreign influences that led to the development of it’s very own popular music market. During Japanese occupation (1910-1945) local and foreign composers created a mix of traditional Korean music and Gospel, that is popular until today and known as “Trot”.

The end of Japan’s brutal colonial rule marked the arrival of Westernization – taking place in a lot of areas of South Korean life, also leading to a change in the sound of the Trot genre. Western music began to be aired on radio and Western-style clubs popped up in various locations to cater to the American soldiers still stationed in South Korea. Not only did many Korean musicians let themselves be influenced by the jazz, blues, country and rock & roll sound of the West, but the Korean public, too, took an interest in them.

The Kim Sisters, a popular jazz-folk band who rose to fame in both Korea and the U.S.

South Korea’s own music industry started blooming in the 60s alongside the economy and produced it’s very first own big names, labels and talent contests. The 70s marked a time of Hippie folk pop, as well as the arrival of DJ culture, followed by the 80s as the “era of ballads”.

What we know today as “KPop” first emerged more distinctively in the 1990s. Newer music groups produced up-beat, catchy songs with lyrics that dealt with the everyday problems of Korean society, paving the way for the modern sound of KPop. The mid- and late 90s saw the founding of major music labels who dominate the market today and underground music movements of hip hop and rock first managing to gain main stream success.

21st century: Beginning of the Hallyu Wave

The beginning of the 21st century marked the beginning of the global Korean wave. Not everyone knows it’s going on, but taken from the fact you are reading this article to an extent you have seen changes around you (or at least online). Korean industry managers & music producers did not sit down together and started to plot world dominance (or have they?), but the last 15 years have seen an increased global interest in Korean culture, especially entertainment goods such as Korean TV dramas and Korean Pop music.

International KPop fans

Today South Korea has a lively Indie Rock, Hip Hop & Dance-Pop scene. But other countries have colorful music scenes, too. Then what’s so special about KPop, that it has risen to international fame? Read all about it in the 2nd part of this 10 Step Guide:

Step 2: How is KPop different from Western music?



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