Is Holonis the new social media

     So you just signed up because a friend told you about Holonis, or you heard it's the next big thing. But what really is this new social media. Holonis is the first ever social commerce platform! What does that mean? That means that it is a social media built on the idea of it's users making money. Holonis's Moto "be found" ties this together, Holonis is built for the user. This means that there are no crazy algorithms like Instagram, if you post something it's going to show up, because the feed is chronological. Pages, which are a blog style post get ranked in Google! Everything links back to all your other social medias as well, so it is a cortex for them it doesn't dilute your followers, it gives them a place to see all your content. On top of that you have a store built right into your profile, no need to go make a Shopify store it's all here. So that's the basics of Holonis, now let's move into how to use it.

Build a Profile!

     Now I am going to go through all the different things you can do when setting up Holonis, and how to optimize it, to be as successful as you can.

  • Home: This is just like it sounds your homepage, and everything will show up here. Make sure you have everything setup here so when people check out your page, they can engage with all your content. Make sure you have a profile picture and background picture just like a facebook profile. Now right next to your profile picture you have your tagline and social links. These are both very important your tagline is a first impression bio, put a quick couple things about your page there. Next is your social links, you can link every social media you can think of or website. Holonis is here for you to be successful take advantage of the connections you can make with lose links driving people to a brand or just your other platforms. On top of all this you can pin posts, so if you have a product or post you want people to see make sure to pin it, because it will show before everything else.
  • About: Here is your full bio, you can even add pictures here, so give your full description of your page here.
  • Posts: Posts are the default way you might say of posting content, you can post text here, pictures, videos, or you can embed content from other social medias like instagram or YouTube here.
  • Pages: This is one of the greatest things about this platform, but currently not utilized by everyone. Pages are blogs, the great thing about these pages is that they rank in google! That means when you search “What is Holonis?” in google which is what this page is called, thats what is going to pop up this page will be on the top results. You can post pictures in with the text and make full fledged articles with this tool.
  • Shop: Now here is the shop, you can do so much with this since it is built in your profile. You can sell services and products on here, you can make sales, you can add all sorts of options and sell whatever you want. One thing to think about when working with brands are unlike say Instagram where you can only tag them, or use your one bio link to promote them, here you can do a flash sale or something where you can sell their product in your store. All these options lead to more opportunity to make money on Holonis.
  • Channels: Here you can organize all your content So you can make a business channel, and a fitness, and a random, or whatever you want. Then you can divide all your content into these channels so people can easily find what niche of content they want to see on your profile.


  • Tell your friends, and followers on other social media to follow you, if they enjoy your content, and you say you have exclusive content on Holonis they are more likely to come over and check it out.
  • Engage with everyone! Follow people in your niche, dm them, talk to them. Like peoples pictures, comment on their pictures if you like them or have a question. Often time they will return the engagement, this is how I currently get one of the highest engagement rates for a male user on this platform, despite many people having more followers!
  • Post consistently, make sure you are posting daily so people keep seeing your content.
  • Make people engage, or make them follow you. Do this by asking questions in your posts, or running a giveaway so people have to follow you.

     This is a quick article, but also one that I think covers all the basics and can help you guys out hopefully. If you have any questions feel free to ask, or if you want me to go more in depth in something in more articles let me know.

Lets grind guys! Social media is about right place and the right time, and that's where we are right now.