How would you describe an interesting life

Well, my life is somewhat different than any others.

It is full of surprises and I learn a new thing about myself each day.

I've seen a lot of things and yet I feel that I don't know much about life.

Each day is a new day.

I do not claim that I've experienced life at it's full, but I can say that I've learned a lot of lessons.

My life isn't just an ordinary is much more of an adventure.

In my life, a lot of things happened which no one else I know had experienced, yet I'm still alive.

My life is entirely one else knows how I live it, how was it is and yet, so difficult.

My life is simply different...unique.

I'm not a famous person, but in my tiny little world, everything is about family, my friends, my pets and an empty space for the special person, who is yet to come.

The life of a 15 year old may sound very easy, but through my views, my life is much different than a life of an ordinary 15 year old.

Just experienced a few things, and keeping those in mind, I'm gonna move on.

In one word, my life would be a "Fairytale".

A tale of a boy, full of hopes, desires against all his people's.

My life is indescribable.

Have a good day!