How neurologically speaking do drummers keep time

How accurately can a trained drummer keep time? Could trained drummers be used to keep time accurately enough to determine longitude?

So, I've heard about how it was a big deal to invent a clock that was accurate enough to carry on a ship and be used to determine longitude. But enough about mechanical clocks -- what if you just had a drummer pounding out a rhythm, and other drummers to come and take shifts with them. Maybe someone else who isn't drumming is just counting out the number of measures. So if you want to figure out how much time has passed since the start of your journey, you see how many measures have been played. Compare that with astronomical observations and BAM, longitude.

But, are trained human drummers more or less accurate than mechanical clocks? Would it help or hurt to have two or more drummers playing at the same time? How bad would the clock drift be? So bad as to be useless to longitude calculations?

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