How many teachers are in Europe

Teaching English abroad, not only a fulfilling career choice, but also an ideal way to earn some dollars whilst exploring new countries. Working abroad is an experience unlike any other meaningful travel you will undertake, and these amazing English teaching jobs in Europe will let you do just that. So whether you’re dreaming of champagne on the Eiffel tower, or tapas and sangria in Barcelona’s Las Ramblas, you won’t be disappointed with the array of opportunities you will find in the best places to teach english in Europe.

Can I actually teach English in Europe and get paid?

Ummm well yes, generally in Europe, teachers receive a salary for their efforts. You shouldn’t expect to be rolling in piles of cash, but you can certainly make enough out of this career choice to cover your living costs, comfortably, and a little bit of exploring on the side. So it’s safe to say that wanting to teach English in Europe paid isn’t a pipe dream.

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What should I know before finding TESOL jobs in Europe?

There are three key stages to securing ESL teaching jobs in Europe. Firstly you will need to find a position, the qualification requirements may vary slightly, but in general, you will be expected to have a certification for English teaching. Popular courses include TEFL, TESOL and CELTA, but not every certificate will be accepted by every employer, so do your homework. For English teaching jobs in Europe most employers will require a minimum of one of the above qualifications from a reputable assessor as well as some experience in a teaching role or working with students in another capacity, local language skills are also a bonus.

Your next step is to get through the pre-departure red tape, which includes navigating visa requirements and obtaining the necessary permit with support from your new employer.

And lastly — settling into the logistics in-country. There are plenty of programs and English teaching jobs in Europe that will offer you included accommodation, to keep things simple.

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Where can I make the most money teaching in Europe?

English teacher salaries in Europe range not only depending on the country, but also on your qualification level and experience. Be sure to check out the remuneration in line with local living costs as your research potential programs, as often the higher salaries are offset by increased living expenses as well.

Poland, a rapidly growing market for opportunities to teach English in Europe paid, offers a competitive package to candidates and maintains a low living cost for essentials such as rent, utilities, food and transport. Similarly, in the Czech Republic, the market for tesol jobs is rapidly expanding and similarly matched by low-cost living. Spain and Italy on the other hand offer high salaries but are matched by high living expenses in the bigger cities. You’ll find in most countries that rural life will reward you with a healthier bank balance, but also a much different pace of life!

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Where are the best places to teach English in Europe in 2019?

1. Spain

What’s not to like about Spain? It has amazing food, drinks, beaches, cities, and a language that can turn words to silk. It also has a high demand for English language teachers who enjoy siestas in the afternoons and dinners that last until dawn on their days off. An ideal spot if you are looking for an ESL job in Europe!

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2. Italy

Italy is the cream of the crop when it comes to fulfilling the needs of your tastebuds (AKA very important needs). Teaching English jobs in Italy will offer you an extended period of time in which to sample all of the different pizza toppings and gelato flavors, practice your Italian language skills and explore the diverse landscapes. Not to mention hitting the amazing sights of the Venice canals, Rome’s Colosseum, and Trevi fountain.

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3. Germany

Germany, one of Europe’s most prosperous nations, is equally not a bad spot to find TESOL jobs in Europe. The location offers English teachers a high quality of life and teaching jobs are available in a range of settings, from large businesses to small private language schools. Your adventures continue as you explore the country’s majestic castles, ancient basilicas, and many world heritage sites via the efficient transport network!

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4. England

From the hustle of London to the quaint historical cities of Cambridge and Oxford and the rural countryside of the Lake and Peak district's, England has it all. Known for it’s tea, literature, and amazing classical architecture, there is plenty to explore when you aren’t in the classroom. Paid English teaching opportunities are varied from beginners to more advanced classes at different levels.

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5. Portugal

Portugal offers a lifestyle so perfectly balanced between work and play that you will never feel stressed by the pressures of a paid teaching position in such a nurturing environment. Get lost to the melody of a fado singer, explore the colourful backstreets of Lisbon on tram number 28, and munch scrumptious pastéis de nata during morning break. This makes Portugal one of the best places to teach English in Europe, both in and outside of the classroom.

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6. Poland

Rapidly developing, Poland has a burgeoning market for international English teachers, so finding paid teaching jobs isn’t too tricky. Your adventures will allow you an opportunity to discover the rich history, picturesque landscapes, and intriguingly welcoming culture of Poland. Not to mention the oversized jugs of beer and pierogis!

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7. Hungary

If you’re feeling hungry for some time in Hungary, an English teaching position is the ideal way to satisfy your needs. Home to a world-famous Goulash festival, you’ll also satisfy your stomach. Boasting impressive natural scenery, stunning architecture, and friendly, welcoming locals, Hungary offers a comfortable environment in which to pursue a paid teaching career in Europe.

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8. Greece

If weekends on white-sand beaches and lesson planning amidst island hopping are your thing, then Greece is the right place for you to look for a paid English teaching job in Europe. From the incredible tzatziki, pita breads, souvlaki, and ouzo to the incredible climate and beautiful scenery, this place has nothing not to like.

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9. Czech Republic

The Czech Republic, a gateway between Western and Eastern Europe and one of the best places to teach English. As local businesses and tourism have grown across the country, the demand for English teachers has too.The picturesque red-roofed houses, winding cobblestone streets, and architectural wonders make the Czech Republic a somewhat undiscovered gem when it comes to finding paid English teaching jobs in Europe.

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How to find teaching jobs in Europe

So, you’re sold on the idea of finding opportunities to teach English in Europe PAID and you are ready to hit the airport. Slow down a little bit and check these key tasks off your to-do list before you jump on the train.

Firstly, you’re going to want to narrow down a shortlist of potential destinations. Check out the requirements of each place as you go to be sure that you tick all of their boxes too; if you aren’t sure, contact the providers directly and seek more detailed information. If you need to get TEFL certified before teaching in Europe, consider picking a program that will allow you to do that and progress into a teaching position on completion (yes, these combo programs are out there!).

Psst: if you’re feeling overwhelmed with options, our Online Advisor can match you to teaching English in Europe programs that fit your needs.

With your shortlist nailed down to a range of options that both meet your needs and match your experience and capabilities, start submitting some jazzy stand-out applications to secure yourself the role of your dreams. Be sure to check out the reviews or talk with current program participants/program alumni before you commit to anything final — these are a great insight into what life on the program is really like and will enlighten you with a world of information you didn’t realize you needed to know.

With the final program acceptance in your email inbox, work out the practicalities of your visa, transport, and accommodation logistics and pack your bags — it’s time to hit the runway! We mean, uh, the dimly lit hallway. ;-)

TESOL jobs in Europe are yours for the taking!

With so many opportunities to teach abroad in Europe and get paid, you will probably have a harder time choosing a destination and a program than you would finding ESL teaching jobs in Europe. The amazing landscapes, from Ireland’s mountains to Italy’s coastline — and every stunning historic city in between — could keep you busy for many years worth of weekends and summer vacations. 

How do you spell the tool to get your started on finding a stellar teaching job in Europe? G-E-L-A-T-O… we mean, uh, G-O-A-B-R-O-A-D.

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