How is UCI software engineering


Both large companies and small startups in all fields require the expertise of software engineers to help run a successful business or organization.  Everything from developing mobile applications to maintaining a secure cloud infrastructure requires team members to be able to see a project through from planning to implementation to deployment.  As a software engineer, you not only need to be proficient in the technical skills, but also have a demonstrated ability to successfully work in teams.  The Master of Software Engineering (MSWE) program equips current and future industry professionals with both the technical and soft skills to excel in their careers.

The professionally-oriented Master of Software Engineering program prepares students to continue in or enter the workforce and become leaders in the booming field of software engineering. MSWE is designed for a diverse set of students. While many students with backgrounds in computer science will be interested, the program also targets students from other majors such as the sciences, arts, and humanities, as well as local IT professionals whose careers could benefit from formal training in software engineering. In addition to a bachelor’s degree or equivalent, the second main criteria for admission is knowledge of programming in two languages, which may be acquired in a variety of ways, such as in the classroom or through self-learning.

The 15-month, 5-quarter program begins in the fall by exposing students to broad topics in computing through hands-on programming, and then offers specialized software engineering courses covering how existing software is engineered as well as foundational principles of the field. The program guides students through extensive practice in the design, implementation, testing, and maintenance of software, and also prepares them for the non-technical aspects of professional careers. A summer internship and capstone project during the final fall quarter allow students to practice skills learned in the classroom and get a taste of what to expect in the field.  Professional development courses embedded into the program prepare students for interviews and help develop career skills to secure a job after graduation.

Assignments in the program include hands-on group projects to mimic the situations in which students will find themselves in industry, and will allow students to gain firsthand experience with the development of large-scale software systems.  Taught by experts in the field, the courses offered as part of the professionally-oriented MSWE program will cover mature software engineering principles and techniques as practiced in the software industry.