How is hostel life in Pune

Going off to college often means trading the comfort of home and the coddling of our family for a different life altogether; one of compromise and adjustment, where we have to fend for ourselves. I am, of course, talking about life in a hostel. Most colleges have hostels you can stay in, and living in one is enriching, fun and frightening, all at the same time! At home, we have nothing to worry about. There’s always food around, and when there isn’t, our mom will probably make it for us. At the hostel, food has timings, and it’s never as satisfactory as “ghar ka khaana” (home food). Where we had an abundance of money at home and all we had to do was ask for it, we’re often broke in the hostel, because we burn through our allowance so fast that it’s embarrassing to ask our parents again! And of course, there is the most important: homesickness! Just the thought of staying so far from family and the comfort zone our hometown offers is ominous. But hostel life isn’t all bad. In fact, the pros often outweigh the cons here. It’s not just a fun experience to live with friends for several years; it also teaches us much more about life than any class or lecture ever could. So if you’re considering leaving your home I favour of a good college, here’s why you shouldn’t hesitate!